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About Ken Beam

Growing up in Califon New Jersey, Ken Beam grew to love the outdoors at a very young age.
At the age of three, his Father was teaching him how to fish on the Bridge in Califon and by the age of nine, he was walking along side his Dad with a single-shot .410 hunting rabbits & pheasants and trapping
muskrats and raccoons along the river in Califon by eleven.
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“My father taught me to appreciate the wilderness when I was a very young boy,….a fondness that never left me. Heck I get just as excited today as that very first morning deer hunting with Dad when I was when ten years old. As I stood alongside my tree on that cold day in December, my teeth were chattering as I watched the sun come up over the horizon. Then right before eight `o`clock three shots rang out…..and as I turned towards the sound of those shots, a buck appeared! I raised my gun and then another buck appeared! Now I was really shaking as I aimed! Then a third buck appeared! Talk about excitement! I don`t know if I was shivering more from shooting at(and missing!) those three bucks or the ten degree weather! Quite an experience and memory for a ten year old boy”
“I think there are a lot of folks that do not realize the abundance of activities to enjoy in the New Jersey Wilderness. From camping to hiking to canoeing to apple-picking to watching bald eagles, there are truly some fantastic things to experience if you venture into the Great Outdoors of New Jersey.
When I`m out and about I do indeed sharing my experiences and knowledge with younger fishermen and hunters that I meet. If you have any questions or I can offer any advice, please feel free ask in the comments of this site.
Hopefully our paths will cross someday in the New Jersey Wilderness.
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“Fishin` with my Dad in Califon NJ at the age of three”

9 thoughts on “About Ken Beam”

  1. I grew up in jersey as well. hunting fishing and trapping. in the 50swhen i was a kid there were a lot more woods and clean streams.I shure miss those days.

    1. I agree Ed, but I`ll tell ya, there are a lot of really great places to still enjoy the Great Outdoors of New Jersey. There were certainly alot more less hunted places when I grew up in Califon as a youngster too. However I still find plenty of excitement in the Wilderness of New Jersey!

  2. I agree Ken, in spite of all the development in NJ, there are still beautiful unspoiled places. We need to enjoy them and protect them for future generations. Great website, guy.

  3. Hi Ken, was surfing the net tonight and came upon your site and spent almost an hour exploring it while waiting for the snow to start. I too love the hidden treasures that NJ has to offer. The north west corner of the state is my favorite place. For the past 17 yrs I’ve been involved with protecting and enhancing a wild trout stream and actually wrote and published a book about this unique natural resource. I’ll be stopping back soon.

    1. Hi Brian Burns – Well thanks for checkin` out my site, I really appreciate that.
      I`d like to read that book that you published too. What`s the name of it?
      Stop back here anytime & be sure to subscribe to my latest Adventures on the Homepage too!
      You`ll have my Adventures emailed directly to you as they happen –
      Thanks again,

  4. You have a very nice Website and sure have a love of the outdoors. I admire your ability to get some mighty fine Pike!

    1. Hi Dennis – Thank you very much for the nice words, as I do indeed appreciate it. Yes, I certainly am “at home” when I`m out and about in the New Jersey Wilderness.

  5. Hi Ken,
    It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday! Did you notice the boat launch upstream by the closed down bar? No fish at the “falls” so on the way home I hit hit Passaic. I caught one small Pike. A great way to end the day! Hope to see you again on the river! Feel better!

    1. Hiya Bob – Likewise….. I enjoyed our conversation as well. I did see an area where you could launch a boat or `Yak. We`ll cross paths again…… Stay in touch and write on here anytime. Thanks – Ken

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