Crappie Fishin` on the `Cong with Cat_Daddy

This past Saturday I was out and about with my good buddy Will “Cat_Daddy” Rowe up on Lake Hopatcong having a go at some crappie and perch in the `Yaks. While our original plans were to head back up to the Delaware to take some extra shots for the FUR-FISH-GAME magazine article coming out this December, I called Will early Saturday morning and said, “The hell with the “photo-shoot” `cause there was a half a foot of snow on the ground that day we fished the river and now there`s nothing. I`ll pack up the `Yak and head up your way. Let`s go fishin` instead” – And that`s exactly what we did.  
Upon arriving, I knocked on the door, then I meandered about in his garage while waiting. Admiring his arsenal of fishing rod/reel set-ups, I grinned and thought to myself, this is one hardcore fisherman indeed. Then that mouthy Cat_Daddy came out of the door bustin` my balls as we usually do with each other and gave me a big hug. “Good to see ya old man, glad to see ya gettin` around without your walker today!” he said and I replied, “Yea? I`ll old man ya!” as I wrapped my “paws” around his neck – haha! –  

The plan was to hit the `Cong and get after some of those tasty perch and crappie that abound up in that big `ol “pond”  – Will drove us to his friend Don`s house and that`s where we launched. 
Wasn`t long before the sun started warming that early springtime air, that we started getting into some panfish.   
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A couple highlights of the day was seeing a bald eagle fly over-head and then later watching a beautiful red fox actually stalk some sort of prey then missing it`s intended target. Ran into couple of Cat_Daddy`s friends out on the water, that said they knew of me and one commented how he follows my Adventures as well. Always kind of a nice surprise when I`m out and about.  
Later in the afternoon, we headed back to the cove where we had started in the morning, and the crappie were on fire! Just about every cast we landed a decent size “Slab” – We fished the “frenzy” for a good hour before the action cooled off and we decided to call it a day, as it was getting late. As we started paddling out of the cove, a voice yelled out from another boat, “Hey did you ever take that Kayak Safety Course yet? I started laughing like hell, as he was bustin` on `ol Cat_Daddy about the joke I had played on him a week earlier! 

**Click the link below to read the joke I played on him; 


Will yelled back, “Yea yea that`s real funny!” – I couldn`t stop laughing! 
Heading back in Will asked me “Hey did you ever eat perch eggs?” Me; Nope…. never” Then he said, “Tell ya what, let`s go back to the house and I`ll fillet all of the fish and while I`m doing that I`ll cook up the “Caviar of the `Cong” for ya!”  – 
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Fresh perch eggs in the pan!
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“Cookin` with Cat_Daddy!”
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“The Caviar of the `Cong is served!”
And I have to say, the fresh perch eggs were excellent! Will graciously sent all of the day`s catch home with me and the next night Sharon prepped and baked the delicious fillets of fresh perch and crappie for my supper! Quite the meal!
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And that`s what it`s all about…….. Good Friends, Good Fishin` and Good Eatin`!
`Till next time…..
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