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NJ Pike Fishing! Up Shit`s Creek Without a Paddle! Son-of-a-Bitch! Fishing on Foot!

Well the title alone ought to give ya an idea as to how this day panned out! ha! ha!
So turn those speakers up and watch this Video of the day`s as I do a little NJ Pike Fishing on foot!
So for those of you that have written to me asking if it was possible to catch Pike on foot, well here`s your answer. I did manage to wrangle up one Pike this morning and had another one swat at and miss my lure.
So yes, you don`t need a `Yak to get the job done.
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Thanks for watching –
Till next time….

Passaic River Fishing – Out & about scoutin` new fishing territory on the Passaic River

Took a vacation day yesterday as I was planning to venture way down South Jersey, to have a go at some
Snakeheads and Bowfins. Well with all of the torrential rain storms the last few nights, I decided not to chance it, because of possible high/ muddy waters in the Delaware River tributaries that I wanted to target.
So I decided to head east rather than south for a new fishing adventure.
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Loaded up my `Yak, gear and gassed up the truck and made my way up Rte. 80 to head to my targeted destination about forty five miles away. I mapped out a spot on my Passaic River map, Googled a general street in the area(As you can`t just Google “Spots on the River”! ha! ha!) got my directions and was on my way.
Got the `Yak on the water and made my way upstream
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The river was definitely a bit on the muddy side, but I did indeed like the looks of this part of the Passaic River. It seems to split in various directions. As a matter of fact, so many different directions, I`m not positive where it becomes one main river-artery. As I said, this trip was really about scouting new fishing territory and that is exactly what I was doing.
Did manage however, to wrangle up a decent Smallmouth Bass in the muddy water.
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The sky`s started getting dark and threatening as a storm seemed to be brewing on the horizon with thunder in the distance, I did manage to catch a young Northern Pike also.
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Turn up those speakers(a little louder towards the end, as I had the protective cover on the Go PRO so it muffled me a bit) and watch this short clip of the day`s adventure:
Turned out to be a really nice scoutin` adventure and got to give advice to a very enthusiastic, younger fellow-fisherman. Which is something I enjoy doing when I`m out and about.
I`ll have a go at those `ol Snakeheads another day down in South Jersey. To be continued……

NJ Pike Fishing – A Canadian comes to NJ to catch Pike with Ken Beam as his “Guide”

Well our NJ Pike Fishing Adventure this past weekend was nothing short of yet another excellent fishing excursion with a gentleman by the name of Nathan Robinson from New Brunswick Canada.
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Nathan found my website three months ago, as he was “Googling” NJ Pike Fishing and reached out to me me through the site. He explained that he was coming down to New Jersey the first week in May and wanted to fish for northern pike, as he had never caught one simply because there aren`t any pike in New Brunswick. Quite frankly I was surprised that there aren`t Pike up there. Heck my Step-Father & I traveled up to northern Ontario for eight years fishing for smallmouth bass, walleye and of course, northern pike. I really thought they were everywhere in Canada. Hey you learn something new everyday right?
Being an experienced kayak fisherman, Nathan liked the idea of chasing those pike in the Passaic in the `Yaks. He has quite the kayak set-up(see pics below) at his home in New Brunswick.
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Notice it`s a Pedal-Driven Kayak. An extremely well-equipped, very professional-looking vessel, I must say.
Quite the `Yak indeed!
Initially he planned on bringing this elaborate kayak to New Jersey, but decided not too, as it probably wasn`t a good idea to have it sit on top his vehicle all week as it might`ve “grown legs” and disappeared. So the next option was to rent one while he was down here. I myself, wasn`t really sure where to rent a kayak, as everything I found on-line was in South Jersey. I thought, “Ahhhhh what the hell……I`ll ask the question, where to rent a kayak on the NewJerseyHunter.com forum. Well what happened the next day was incredible………. I got a response and the subject said, “Ken…why rent?” I thought, “Great….someone wants to sell me their kayak”. I read the message and was shocked at what it said, “Hey Ken…don`t rent one, I`ve got a kayak that you can use”….WOW! I thought. This gentleman who is a complete stranger to me, graciously offered to let Nate use his kayak! He proceeded to give me his address and said it would be out by the pond and to help myself to it and no rush to bring it back. Wasn`t this an incredibly nice offer? An act of pure kindness…….The kind of gesture that restores one`s faith in humanity as my friend Lisa put it.
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I threw the `Yaks in the bed and loaded up my gear and headed east to meet up with Nate on Friday. Nate was pretty darn excited to have a `Yak to fish the river in and my goal was to hopefully get him into a few pike out there.
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Nate caught his first pike that afternoon. He said, “Well this is what I came for,….at least I caught a pike….I`m satisfied” –
But I wasn`t,…… as I wanted to get him into a decent size pike. With paddled back to the lot at dark that night and talked about where to fish on Saturday. We decided to meet twenty miles away from this location, at 7am the next morning.
Then it was Saturday………. and then the Adventure kicked in!
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Wasn`t long until we were into some nice-size pike on the Passaic on the cool, cloudy day!
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Nathan caught two beautiful pike that afternoon! One was a tad over seven pounds!
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Watch the Video of our Pike Fishing Adventure on the Passaic River! You`ll enjoy this one!
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I do indeed believe this Pike Fishing Adventure left quite an impression on my new Friend from New Brunswick Canada.
Good Friends and Good Fishing…………
It doesn`t get any better.
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