Ronco Pocket Fisherman & Ken Beam on a Friday Lunch-time Adventure!

Well I guess……. some of us take lunch and some of us need to quench that “thirst” for adventure! Ha! Ha!
I opted for the latter today and took my Ronco Pocket Fisherman to the river for a hour to see if indeed I could tangle and wrangle with a Northern Pike.
I think you`ll enjoy this quick Go PRO Video I shot of my Friday Lunch-time Adventure;
Till next time…..

NJ Pike Fishing – Ken Beam chasin` Pike on the Passaic River

I was sittin` out back on the patio last Thursday night, enjoyin` an ice-cold PBR in the breezy Springtime air, contemplating my next NJ Pike Fishing Adventure. As I looked at my Passaic River Map, I noticed what appeared to be a small tributary stream off of the Passaic called Dead River. “Heck”, I thought to myself, “Ought to be able to wrangle one or two Pike outta there” – So I decided to “Scout it out” on my way home from work the next evening.
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Upon arriving at my destination on Friday evening, I jumped down along a swampy river bank and noticed fresh Black Bear paw prints in the mud. “Well heck, if the bears are fishin` here, that just might be a good sign!” I thought out loud.
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It wasn`t too long before I got into a couple decent Pike that next day. I worked that Clown Bomber lure as a jerk-bait, mixing it up with slower retrieves which proved to be a very effective method for those “River Wolfs” that day.
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A fine NJ Northern Pike in the net!
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Crank up those speakers and enjoy this little Video of the day`s adventure on the river!
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Despite the muddy water conditions, I did manage to wrangle up this decent 7.25lb 34″ Pike last Saturday.
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I certainly enjoy chasin` Pike on the Passaic and hopefully when I`m out and about, we`ll cross paths somewhere along the river. Till next time…