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NJ Black Bear “Season” – A lot of Bears at Ken Beam`s last week!

NJ Black Bear “Season” is underway…….at our house that is!
Yep….. we had quite the action-packed week of NJ Black Bear Sightings at the house this past week.
Just for the record, I do not bear hunt, however I don`t have a problem with anyone that does.
I just never had to desire to take a bear……
The only “Shooting” that I do when it comes to Bears, is I just shooting them with my cameras!
On Wednesday May 6th, I got up early to do a litle scoutin` for turkeys before work, as I planned on sitting
the next morning for those “ThunderChickens” – I came home around 7:45am and as I walked on the back patio, I glanced up in the woods and did a double-take! There was a huge Black Bear lying only twenty-five yards off of my back wall! “Was it asleep?” After watching the big bruin lay there for about ten minutes, finally he/she got up………. and I could see that the bear was injured. It walked about twenty yards and slumped up against a tree…….sitting on his butt. I never saw a bear just sit randomly sit on his butt. He was holding his left paw/leg in the air as it appeared broken/or fractured.
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I cautiously crept up by walking on rocks, to within twenty yards of the monster bear, that I guessed had weighed somewhere around 4-500lbs. I called the local police and explained the situation and why I was concerned. I said to the dispatcher, “I`m sure you get hundreds of NJ Black Bear sightings daily and I`m not calling just because I see a bear in my yard, I`m calling you because this bear is actually hurt and that I was concerned whom may possibly cross-paths and come into contact with this bear in the wilderness” –
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With that, she sent an officer to my house. Upon arrival the officer said, “Wow……. that is a big bear”. He also told me that some local sheep were killed just this past week, by a bear just down the road and that this may possibly be that very same bear. So he called NJ Division of Fish & Game and their response was simply this; “Unless you know specifically that this particular bear is responsible for those killings, we`re not all that concerned about this one” – They also said, “An injured bear such as this, can heal within three to four weeks” –
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I explained my concerned was simply the possibility that anyone hiking/walking back could indeed come upon upon this monster.
I told them that I`m a turkey hunter and that I could easily walk up on this monster while walking to my stand in the dark.
*All of the picture below where taken the week of May 4th. Notice the dates/times on the bottom of each photo. Enjoy these amazing pictures.
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I spoke to my Mother the other day on the phone after I sent her these latest pictures,
Her response after seeing this pictures;  “You couldn`t pay me to live there with all of those bears!”
 NJ Black Bear Season is here………. and my cameras are on hand and ready to shoot some bears!
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