My Daylight Savings Surprise

Daylight Savings Time began today………Ahhhhhh! Spring is right around the corner. And with the time change, we have more daylight hours… and with more daylight means more time to fish!
The morning stated out bitterly cold and windy. Barely hitting the 20 degree mark up this way by 11am. I debated cracking out the rod n` reel and having a go at it in the afternoon. Fearing I would have a hell of a time keeping the ice off of the eyes on my rod, I hesitated going out in the blustery day at all. But at 2:30 I decided to head up north into Sussex County to see if I could wrangle up a Daylight Savings Time Bass or two at a sort of remote-ish lake that I know of.  
By the time I arrived at my destination and hiked out about a mile, I finally started wetting a line about 3:45pm. The bitter air was cold as the wind whipped across my face, but it felt good to be out and about. As I worked my way around, I came upon another fisherman. “Any luck?” I opened up with. “Not unless you`re counting the ice I`m catching!” he replied jokingly. .  
I fished for about two hours without even a mere strike. Eventually I worked my way to the other side, hoping to get some action near some submerged brush. But nothing. 
So as the sun set, the evening temperature dropped even more, the ice was forming at a rapid rate on the eyes on my rod. At that point, I decided to call it a day and hiked back out. Guess I wasn`t going to catch my Daylight Savings Bass after all. Hey that`s why it`s called fishing right? 
As I started walking back, I happened to catch something out of the corner of my eye in the snow covered ground….. 
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The handle of a reel barely sticking out of the snow stopped me in my tracks!
Apparently it had fallen out of someone`s backpack during the snowstorm that we had last Friday and had gotten buried.
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The time was now 6:25pm…….. If it wasn`t for Daylight Savings Time, I would`ve left much earlier and would not had wandered in the woods as far as I had…..
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And then I wouldn`t have found my Daylight Savings Surprise!
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Till next time…..

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