The Fabled One-Eyed Pike of the Passaic!

Yes sir……. the very Elusive One-Eyed Pike of the Passaic! The fabled fish of the murky waters attacked my Spinner-Bait this past weekend as I was dancin` around thunderstorms. The One-Eyed beast put up a pretty darn good fight as I battled him fishin` out of my `Yak! 
As he thrashed the water near the `Yak, I immediately realized this wasn`t an every-day normal Northern Pike by the way he fought! He thrashed the water violently as I got him closer to the `Yak……
Then I saw it….or should say…………. didn`t see it…….
The missing Eye!
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There`s the eye……
Default 3
This warrior had been caught before and more than likely lost his eye due to a hook. As you can see how close my hook also came to the missing eye. 
Default 5
I gently unhooked the River Wolf and released him to fight another day.
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The sky darkened quickly as a nasty thunderstorm was moving in quickly. I was out in the Fairlawn area and took cover under a bridge. Working my spinnerbait, the rain started pelting hard while I fished in the semi-darkness under the bridge. BAM! Pike on! And a good one at that and close to the `Yak! I grabbed the net and scooped up the 8.3lb toothy River Wolf quickly! 
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A couple pictures and the big Pike was quickly released back into the dark waters under the bridge. 
A fun-filled adventure indeed! 
Till next time…..
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15 thoughts on “The Fabled One-Eyed Pike of the Passaic!”

  1. hi ,i am from new york, can you please give me the exact location for the fishing pike? Also the direction if possible
    thank you

        1. Hank there`s actually a lot where you can park and launch from. Just get to 2 Bridges and you will see it.
          It`s just a simple lot and ya hump your Yak down over the bank. Real easy.

          1. ???? Really Hank? — I swore that was a public lot where I park over there. Did you find a place to park around there?
            That is something totally new to me…….

          2. Hank….. here`s another solid spot; Pio Costa — Adress: 1275 Bloomfield Ave, Fairfield, NJ 07004
            You`ll see a place to park……it`s like a little sort of graval ramp that you can launch your Yak from too.
            Head down river from there.

  2. What are your most productive baits/lures you use when fishing for pike on the Passaic? Also do you know any addresses I can put in the gps to park and fish from the bank on the Passaic? I hope to go there a lot this summer but I don’t own any form of boat. Thanks

    1. Hiya Chris – I use a variety of things when I`m chasin` those Pike…… but ya can`t miss with a 3/8oz. Chartruese Spinnerbait with a Twister Tail on it from Walmart! Or even a white Spinner bait. I also throw 7-8 inch Bomber Lures once in awhile for `em. Here`s a good spot for ya;
      Pio Costa Enterprises; 1275 Bloomfield Ave, Fairfield, NJ 07004

      **You can fish along the banks up there.

      Good luck!

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