Fishing Merrill Creek Reservoir-Ken Beam fishes for Bass at Merrill Creek 6/27/2015

Fishing Merrill Creek Reservoir today seemed like the perfect answer to a rainy day forecast. The forecast was calling for on and off showers early in the day and very heavy rain was expected late in the afternoon.
Temperatures weren`t expected to get much above seventy degrees.
My favorite fishing weather…..Cloudy, rainy and cool.
Loaded up my gear and `Yak in my truck on Friday night, figuring I`d make my way to Merrill Creek Reservoir at first light on Saturday morning. Merrill Creek is only about a half hour drive at the most from our house. I must say, living in Warren County, affords me very short drives to many awesome fishing waterways. Spruce Run Reservoir, Round Valley Reservoir, Mountain Lake, Oxford Furnace Lake and Merrill Creek, are all within twelve miles of where we live. Not to mention, the Pequest, Musconetcong and the South Branch of the Raritan Rivers are all also only minutes away.
I arrived at Merrill Creek Reservoir at 5:45am, parked my truck and chatted with the gentleman in the guard house as I unloaded my `Yak. He told me he was surprised as to how few fishermen were out here today. The forecast definitely was keeping them away. He said that tomorrow would be packed, as there was a Bass Tournament going on.
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As I made my way across the Reservoir, I was suprised at the calmness of the water. Much calmer than I was used too. Seems like whenever had I come up to Merrill Creek, there is always a strong breeze blowing across the water.
Working my way along the line of dead trees, it reminded me of when I was stationed in Louisiana at England Air Force Base. My old Air Force roomate. Boyde and myself fished out on Kincaid Lake chasing pickerel and bass around protruding, old dead trees just like these at Merrill Creek.
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Wasn`t long before the first Big Largemouth Bass erupted from the water around those dead trees. And it was a really good fish at that! A nice 5.5lb Largemouth!
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It was indeed a “Hawg” Bass!
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I proceeded to catch three more “Bucket-Mouths” over the course of a couple of hours. All were really nice size Bass.
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So here is the Video of the day`s adventure up on Merrill Creek Reservoir….I think you`ll enjoy this one!
Yep, fishing at Merrill Creek Reservoir for a few hours, was quite the ticket today! Definitely will be heading back out that way to try my hand at some of those monster trout that are in there also.
Till next time………