“Fishing Reel Repair and Service” – I highly recommend Peter DeVit

I had a little mishap a few months ago(ok ok….sometimes I don`t have much patience!) and inadvertently spun or broke a couple gears in my favorite reel. Heck it`s not only my fave baitcaster, it`s also the very first one that I ever bought way back in 1988 at Cabelas.   
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As a matter of fact, it`s the only baitcasting reel that I own. So ya get where I`m going with this Gang? That old reel has a lot of sentimental value to me and I`ve caught a lot of fish with it over the years. 
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So when I “buggered” her up because of my lack of patience, I wasn`t sure if she could be fixed.  
Then one night I was “Googling” something and I don`t exactly recall what, but somewhere I got a list of names of Shimano Repair Technicians/facilities and that`s where I found this gentleman, Peter DeVit located in Connecticut. I wrote to him and explained what I did and asked if he might be able to fix it. Listen Gang, the reel`s gears appeared to be stripped/broken as it wouldn`t reel at all and I stepped on the handle breaking it in half(that`s a whole other story…..so don`t ask! haha!) coupled by the fact that the reel is ancient….. I wasn`t even sure if parts were available.   
You can just imagine how pleasantly surprised I was, when he wrote back and said, “I can absolutely fix it Ken” – Then he added me on Facebook as a Friend and we continued our conversation. 
Before sending the reel, he gave me a very fair and reasonable estimate. I think he only had it for about two weeks. I got it it back completely repaired and serviced! I was absolutely ecstatic! 
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I highly recommend Peter! His Fishing Reel Repair Service was absolutely fantastic! This is where my reels will be going if I ever need repairs. You can reach him at 203-592-1424. Heckuva nice guy!
Thank you very very much Peter!