Fishing Round Valley – My first time back on the water

I have been absolutely over-whelmed by all of the get-well-wishes and nice words that all of you have shared since having my heart attack on July 14th. From Facebook, to various hunting and fishing forums that I belong too……people I have never even met, have shared their experiences which has been a really positive and encouraging force for me. 
One of those nice people that I had never actually met in person, was Victor Kahler.
Vic reached out to me on Facebook, my first day home and said, “How about fishing on my boat in Round Valley in two weeks?” Me: “Absolutely! I`ll be on the ramp at 4:30am! I would love that! – Thank you very, very much!”
And what a beautiful morning it was on the water. The sky was crystal clear and that warm Summer breeze felt great in the night time early morning air.
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Then I got to experience the spectacular sun rise on the horizon. Believe it of not, I had never seen the sunrise on Round Valley in my 53 years as I had always fished it in the evenings in the past. Just a picture perfect morning.
Now you all know by now……. I had the Go PRO that morning as well! ha! ha! So here is a clip I shot of that morning`s adventure out on Round Valley –
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We caught four rainbow trout that day out on Round Valley. You couldn`t have asked for a nicer day to be on the water.
And I got to learn a lot about trolling from Vic.
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Had a great time and couldn`t thank him enough for taking me out on his boat. 
Ya know when you stop to think about it……. isn`t it interesting how people cross paths with you and come in and out of our lives……and what brought us together?
Enjoy your day…..
Till next time…..
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