The little Squirrel that could… fly! Those “Rare” New Jersey Flying Squirrels

There are so many different critters and interesting facets in the New Jersey outdoors that I come across. I thought I`d share this with all of you, as I think you`ll enjoy it too. 

While I was out and about scoutin` some new deer hunting territory last week, I set up a couple trail cameras to see if there were deer moving in the area. When I checked them over the weekend, I was pleasantly surprised at what sort of “Rare” creature showed up to have his or her picture taken.  
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The New Jersey Flying Squirrel! Yep…….. I did say “Rare” didn`t I? See the reason that I said that they are rare, is because they are nocturnal and unless you`re out and about in the night, most folks rarely have ever seen one!
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Now they don`t fly exactly fly like a bird, but they are able to glide from one tree to another with the aid of a furry, parachute-like membrane that stretches from their wrist to their ankle. That`s exactly what it is, a built in parachute.  
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Notice the times these little devils showed up on my cameras………Definitely enjoy the night don`t they?
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There are two types of Flying Squirrels in New Jersey. The Northern Flying Squirrel and Southern Flying Squirrel. The Northern is is likely to be found in coniferous and mixed coniferous forests, where as the Southern Flying Squirrel, which is more common in my area and likely to be found in hardwoods where there might be hickory or beech trees. Flying squirrels eat a variety of foods which include seeds, nuts, fungi, fruit and insects. Now the Southern Flying Squirrel is considered to be one of the most carnivorous squirrels, because from time to time, they will supplement their diet with eggs, birds, and carrion. 

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Here is a picture of that same tree. Look at the size of the Grey Squirrel on the left, compared to that little devil of the night on the right! Pretty amazing isn`t it?
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Hope you enjoyed learning a little about those “Rare” New Jersey Flying Squirrels………..
Till next time…..

3 thoughts on “The little Squirrel that could… fly! Those “Rare” New Jersey Flying Squirrels”

  1. NJ Outdoors Adventures With Ken | The little Squirrel that could… fly! Those “Rare” New Jersey Flying SquirrelsThanks Ken very interesting,have seen them here and there’

  2. Its nice to know there is more wildlife out there than we considered. Maybe with this information it may help instill responsibilty in us to consider them in our actions as diplomats of this earth and all that it holds. Just the fact that all these animals were pushed out and almost enialated by us should be horrifying to everyone, that we could mismanage our forest and the habitation within. I hope we can make mindful efforts to maintain and preserve what we have left, rather than letting people with purely economic gain on their mind desecrate and enialate our world. Ken, thank you for your adventures we enjoy seeing the it through your eyes.

  3. Thanks for the excellent article on the New Jersey Flying Squirrel. Thought I was the only one aware of these fun interesting critters. Even took care of a tiny flying squirrel baby that fell out of a tree.

    A good way of seeing the flying squirrel is to locate tall oak or beech trees. Listen for them at night with slight scratching noises. Shine a strong bright flash light toward the tops of the tall trees and you will see a couple them flying through the air.

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