NJ Pike Fishing – “Back in my `Yak” – Ken Beam Pike Fishing Passaic River

NJ Pike Fishing – “Had the day off of work, so I loaded up my `Yak the night before in my truck and made my way to the Passaic River at daybreak today, to see if I could wrangle up a Northern Pike or two for my first outing of the season” –
“When I arrived at the river, I was a bit disappointed as the river was actually quite muddy. Nevertheless, I was here and wanted to have a go at it as the forecast was calling for an absolutely beautiful Spring day.”
“I double-checked the arsenal of Pike lures in my knapsack, Bombers _Check…..Spinner baits_Check…..Mepps Piker Kit_Check/Spare Reel _Check/Extra Line _Check……All set. Good to go!”
I untied my `Yak and carried it to the river`s edge. Went back to the truck to slip on my neoprene waders, grabbed my pole and headed back to the `Yak.
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Turn up your speakers and watch the short Pike Fishing Video I shot while fishing that day.
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I fished for about five and a half hours that day on the Passaic River. While it wasn`t one of my better days
Pike Fishing, I did indeed manage to wrangle up my first Northern Pike of 2015, and hell, a day doesn`t get much better than this, especially when you`re out and about enjoying the Springtime air while fishing in the great New Jersey Outdoors.