NJ Pike…a “Toothy Critter” Wranglin` Adventure at Budd Lake

My alarm went off at 4am this past Saturday and as I heard to rain coming down hard, I opened the back door to access the weather situation. Trying to convince myself that it was only a shower, I looked at the weather app on my phone and quickly realized that turkey hunting was out of the question. Those `ol “Thunder Chickens” would just never gobble in that hard, pouring rain and according to the app, it was expected to be like this on and off most of the day.   
Time for plan B. Take the `Yak out a few hours later. And that`s exactly what I did. 
See if there`s one thing that is consistent about me, is the fact that if the weather is bad, I`m always eager to fish. Why? Well number one, because I generally have decent luck during inclement weather conditions and number two, because wherever I choose to go, more than likely, it`s a safe bet that I`ll have that particular body of water pretty much to myself.  
So I decided to trek back up to Budd Lake and that`s exactly what it was when I arrived……. desolate.
As I unloaded the `Yak and my gear, I stared at a flag waving in the strong wind blowing out of the east, convincing myself that “It wasn`t that bad”………right. In a matter of minutes, I was paddling out in the wind and started casting a chartreuse and white chatter-bait along the weedy shoreline. Bam! Fish on! A really good size Largemouth Bass flipped off right at the side of the `Yak! “Well that didn`t take too long” I said aloud as I paddled and tried to hold position while casting against the wind and rain. My arms were definitely in for a work out in this weather.  
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Paddling my way further out onto the lake, I was having a really difficult time as the wind kicked up even more, which caused me to have to continuously paddle in order to hold some sort of point. 
I moved into some brush on the edge of the shoreline just so I could regroup and lay out a few different lures in the `Yak. Going through my lure bag would be one less thing that I needed to do between constantly paddling and casting in the strong wind. I really wouldn`t recommend any of you younger kayakers to go out in a situation like this, at least not alone. At one point, there was actually white caps on the lake…… that`s how rough it got. 
Working a small cove, I tossed the white spinner-bait into the murky waters and actually had a fish chase it as the lure got closer to the surface. Almost like a top-water strike…….. “Was that a Bass” I asked myself as I quickly threw the lure back over the general area. BAM! My rod doubled over as the strong fish dove under the `Yak! I knew that feeling all to well……… yep…. it was `ol Esox! In a matter of minutes after short but gallant battle, I landed a beautiful 34 inch Northern Pike. 
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After taking a picture, I quickly released the Toothy Critter back into the depths on Budd Lake. I sort of decided also to stop using my bogus fish grips as well. I figured having that grip clamped on their mouth probably causes even more stress and can definitely literally rip and break their lips if the fish just hangs off the grips by it`s weight alone. Also they do release and swim away much quicker without using the grips. But don`t expect me to not use the grips for Snakeheads! HaHa! No no……. not happening. 
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I continued to battle the wind which actually started getting stronger at this point. Definitely making it tough to fish! At one point, there were even white caps on the water. A little rough indeed….. but the fish were bitin`!
Shortly there after, hooked into yet another nice Toothy Critter……. Number two was in the `Yak.

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As the dark clouds rolled in overhead and the rain came down, the Pike were cooperating nicely! 
By now I was getting soaked having left my rain coat back at the truck, but when the action is hot and heavy, I rarely ever call it quits. Ok ok…… strike that……. I never call it quits when the fish are in their feeding frenzy mode! 
Mixing it up a little, I decided to use my old “Fave-Pike-Lure” that I always used in northern Ontario Canada for quite a few years………a Gold Mepps #5. There isn`t a species of Esox that won`t hit a Gold Mepps. I`ve caught `em all with it and landed number three of day tossing it near an old beaver lodge. A real nice fat pike that definitely bent my rod as he dove under the `Yak! 
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And yep…… I did have the Go PRO that rainy day. So without any further ado, here`s the little clip I shot of the day`s adventure up on Budd Lake. Hope ya like it! (`Cause between the wind and paddling, it was extra tough to do!)


Ended up being a really good day out on the water……… hell……. I like just about any day out on any water though! HaHa! Ended up landing five nice Northern Pike, lost a nice Bass and landed a smaller Bass as well. As I paddled back to the launch area, four younger fellas were loadin` up their jon boats and two saw me coming in and stopped. I came into shore and said, “How`d you boys do today out there? They said they only had lost one pike and asked how I did, so I called them all over and showed them my phone pics of the days catch. They seemed pretty impressed, then one of them said, I`ve seen you on Instagram….. I know who you are because of your hat”……… HaHa! So we shook hands, introduced ourselves and then another older fella walk over and says, “This guy always catches fish….. I follow you on YouTube and watch all of your videos”…….. So we shook hands and chatted a bit. Real nice bunch of guys. 
Till next time…..
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  1. Good job ken your really hitting them hard! so is Budd Lake your second home lol gotta let me know what lures your swinging out there i fish from shore any good advice for shore fishing?
    heres my email

  2. This is second best to being there. Have only caught pike through the ice of Budd Lake, but that’s the only way I’ve fished there. Have had open water in mind since 1997, when I first ice fished the lake. Haven’t had the time. And frankly, doubt’s always been in the way, too. Very impressed with this catch.

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