NJ Quail Hunting – an Adventure down in the Pine Barrens

NJ Quail hunting down in Greenwood Forrest, deep down in the Pine Barrens of South Jersey is something that I do indeed enjoy with my good friend Curt Ryder each small-game hunting season. Last Saturday we ventured down into the Pine Barrens to have a go at those tasty NJ Quail. 
I met up with Curt at our usual spot at 4:30am as it`s about a two hour drive to our destination in Greenwood Forrest. Loaded up my old Browning 20-gauge shotgun, gave Jake a pat on the head as I jumped in his truck and we were on our way.
The terrain is quite different down there compared to what we`re use to when hunting in up in north Jersey. Much flatter, sand rather than dirt, and I don`t ever remember getting a tick on me while down there either.

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As we headed to the fields right before sunrise, Jake was fired up and ready to go as usual!
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With the action hot and heavy, it wasn`t long before Curt scored his first Quail on that very cool morning(see his breath?) –
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I certainly heated up the barrel on my `ol 1959 Belgium Browning 20 gauge that day as there was plenty of shooting!
Here is the video I shot of our NJ Quail Hunting Adventure down in the Pine Barrens;
It was a great morning hunting as we ended up with our limit of Quail. 
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Till next time….
A great morning hunting with a great friend…….. It doesn`t get any better.