NJ Quail Hunting way down in the Pine Barrens- Go PRO Time!

Chasin` Quail on a nice Fall morning is something that I`ve enjoyed doing with my best friend Curt Ryder for several years now. This past Saturday was our first go at it this season down in the Pine Barrens and I brought the Go PRO.  
It`s about a two hour ride for us to get to Greenwood Forrest, but we love it down there. Totally different terrain than we`re use to hunting in up here. There`s really no hills, no wild rose bushes to wrestle with and no ticks to get bitten by……..just sand and pine trees everywhere. 
We met up in Clinton at 5am that morning to begin our journey into South Jersey. Stopped at a WaWa when we got a bit closer to grab a breakfast sandwich as we got closer to Greenwood. The forecast was calling for a partially cloudy day with a high temperature right around 50 degrees. Perfect Quail hunting weather. 
When we pulled into the parking lot, there didn`t seem to be quite the onslaught of vehicles that we usually encounter down there. Didn`t really matter either way, as Curt, “Jake” and me were raring to go!
Now over the years, Curt has had some really awesome English Pointers. I mean really top-notch, hunting bird-dogs. Heck for that matter, I had never hunted with a pointer in all my years of hunting, until Curt started taking me out with his pups. “Jake” is a four years old and while he may not always hunt that close to us, he always finds a lot of birds. Curt uses an actual GPS collar on him so he knows how far out he is and in what direction.  
We started walking out, and it wasn`t long before `ol Jakey was on a bird. 
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We got in position and Curt went in to put the bird up………….. Bang! My `ol 1959 20 Gauge Belgium Browning A5 cracked in the cool morning air. We had our first Quail of our eight bird limit.
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Jake quickly jumped into another patch of woods and shortly went on point again.
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This time Curt`s 20 gauge Over/Under Beretta Silver Pigeon cracked……dead bird. 
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We continued hunting throughout the early morning hours……… laughing and bustin` on each other like any good friends do. Couple hours later we came upon a couple other hunters and I asked, “How ya boys makin` out this mornin`?”- They replied, “We got one”……. I said, “Ohhhhh….good good” – Then the older fella turns to me and asked, “How you guys doin`?” – I said, “We got a few…. six to be exact” – The old guy looked kind of surprised and said, “Six?” – Me,”Yea….between the two of us” – (Didn`t want him to think I had shot six by myself! HaHa!)
So without further ado……. Here`s the Go PRO Video I shot of that morning`s adventure down in the Pine Barrens;

As Curt and I walked out of the forrest that morning with our limits of Quail, I said, “Ya know, I got a feelin` a lot of guys don`t get their limits down here Curt” – He said, “Well….. Like I always said to you, Jake doesn`t always hunt that close, but he covers a lot of ground and usually finds a lot of birds” 
Good friends, a good dog and a good hunt………..Doesn`t get much better than that folks. 
Till next time….
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