Pheasant Hunting….. our Thanksgiving Day Tradition

Isn`t it interesting how the thought of something that you grew up doing, still evokes the same passion years later? Hunting on Thanksgiving Day is a tradition that I have been doing since I was ten years old. At 53, I still enjoy doing it as much as I did when my Dad would take me when I was 9 years old.  
Over the years, my best friend Curt Ryder and I have continued that tradition each Thanksgiving Day. Usually we`d meet up north and hunt till about 9 and he`d drive straight to his Mom`s up in New Hampshire and I`d head back home to get ready to go to my Mom`s for dinner. 
But this year was going to be a little different, as my nephew Tyler asked if he could join us on our Thanksgiving morning hunt. I said, “Absolutely!” and told him that Curt would be ecstatic that he was going with us that morning up north. It`s always more fun to hunt with an extra guy or two.
We arrived at our spot that morning and as expected, there were a bunch of other “Orange Jackets” just raring to go. Much to our surprise, there really wasn`t the usual ton of shooting that we were accustomed to hearing on Thanksgiving morning. Actually it was sort of strange not to hear the usual array of shots. Especially on Thanksgiving. Because they do stock a bit heavier than on a “normal” stocking night. Don`t get me wrong now, we did find birds, but not as many as we had in years past. 
We all joked and teased each other as we hunted…..(ok ok…… maybe I teased Tyler more than he teased us! HaHa!) – For me personally, it`s very rewarding just to see a smile on that young man`s face while he`s hunting and having a good time.   
And it was a real nice morning for all of us as we got four pheasants and called it a day at 9:30. Later Curt joined us for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at my Mom`s that afternoon as well. 
This past Thanksgiving was extra special for me this year………… considering all that had happened to me back in July.

I`m very thankful to have the pleasure of being here for another Thanksgiving and being able to experience all that life has to offer. 
Till next time….