My Pretty Lady, her Pomeranian’s and a Big `Ol Bass!

So I thought it be nice to have some company while chasin` largemouth bass in the dark the other night. My girlfriend Sharon was eager to go………..But….Only if she could bring part of her “Pack”……
So her “Magical” Pomeranian “Buttercup and “Piper” the little “Devil Dog” Pomeranian puppy got to go.
Now Sharon gets chewed up alive by mosquitoes, even if she uses the Deep Woods OFF that I use. However, if she uses Burt`s Bees Herbal Insect Repellent(which doesn`t contain deet….. so it`s safe for kids and pets), then she`s ready to take on the outdoors.   
We threw some blankets and my turkey hunting chair(for her to relax in while I fished), got some drinks and drove out to one of my night-time spots. Her “Pack” was pretty excited as they always are when they get to go for a ride. 
The plan was for me to fish while Sharon hung out with her pups……… but…… Sharon likes to fish and is really a natural at it. 
As I worked the water in the darkness, I missed…….`er I mean…….. The Bass missed my top-water mouse at least four times within the first hour. Then finally….. BAM! Fish on! Here we go!……….. ughhhhhhh…… he`s off. I repeated this “Fish-On-Fish-Off” feat at least three more times. It got to a point where Sharon said, “Hey…… Why aren`t you catching any fish?”……… Me: “Ahhhhhhh……… Damn fish……. they`re just not biting right tonight. Yea yea……. that`s it. The bite is off” —- Sharon gave me a sort of puzzled looks and asked, “The bite is off…… What does that mean?” Me: grumbling as I walk away, “Ahhhhhh…… that`s just the way it is tonight”…………
Then the little Fisher-Lady says “Can I try?”…… Me: “yea sure” knowing that she has never fished for bass before tonight. Then I showed her how to work the Jawbone mouse across the top of the water with my next cast. Then she took her first cast of the night……………. “Wow” I thought to myself…… “That was a really good cast” 
On her fourth cast, the calm water erupted as a bucket-mouth smashed into the mouse! “I got one!” she said as she set the hook. She played the heavy fish out slowly working it towards shore. I quickly jumped down the bank and grabbed the big bass as she brought it to the edge of the shoreline.  
“What a fish!” I said. A beautiful 19 inch large mouth bass! Her very first bass ever! Quickly I unhooked the big bass and set her up with her “Pack” of Pomeranian`s for the great picture that you see on top of this post. 
It really made my night watching her catch that beauty! She worked the top-water mouse like she had been doing it for years. (Hmmmmmmmmmmm……….. now I`m beginning to wonder if this was her first time! HaHa! just kiddin`)

I took the pole and said, “Guess I`m gettin` skunked tonight hun” …………….. And outfished HaHa!
After taking a few casts, I said “Well……. how `bout one more cast and we call it a night?” Sharon said that sounded good. 
“Last cast of the night” I said………
BAM!!! Fish on! Felt like a good one! 
The big Greenback thrashed the night water as I reeled him in. A nice one indeed. 19.5 inches…..HaHa!
A mere half inch bigger than Sharon`s.  
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What a fun night. 
Till next time…..

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  1. The Pomeranians don’t look like they liked Sharon’s bass! Small dogs with some big attitudes! Sharon congratulations on your first bass…..very nice catch indeed. Some times the secret to fishing top water and big boats like jointed mice is patience which as you know men don’t have but women do! Good job, some people have fished all their lives and not caught a large mouth that big! Hope it’s the first of many!

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