A Saltwater Summertime Fishing Adventure

What a fantastic day out and about on the Saltwater with my friend Walton Cheung this past Sunday! Walton found me several years ago on YouTube and contacted me about fishing in Califon, where I grew up. From that point on, we`d had always stayed in touch over the years, and had only got back together to share our passion for fishing on his boat back in 2011……. that is until a couple weeks ago, when he messaged me on Facebook, asking if I`d be interested in joining him on his boat in Staten Island.  

“Absolutely!” I wrote back and we set up a date to meet up at the Great Kills Park in Staten Island, which is part of the Gateway National Recreation Area.  
Funny thing was this was only the second time I had ever driven into Staten Island and I forgot all about the uhhhhh……. nice toll! HaHa! So I pulled up, I looked at the Lady and asked, “How much?” ……She replied, “$15″………… I looked at her and said, “That`s for the year…..right?” —- HaHa!! She laughed, I paid her and asked, “Hey how far away is the Great Kills Park?”…….. She said, “I really don`t know…… I wouldn`t imagine too far away though”…… Me, “Okkkkkkkk…..thanks”…as I pull away shaking my head. I couldn`t find the park in the Navigation(ok….. can you say Ken sucks at using Navigation???!! Can build websites, but can`t use Navigation!! HaHa!)
Eventually I got to the Park and met up with Walton and his friend Ken(another Ken) as they had the boat already launched and ready to go. Grabbed my cooler, jumped on board and off we went.  
First stop, we weren`t fishing a minute and Walton latched onto a really nice Dogfish(we were calling them Sharks though! HaHa! `cause the resemble a little Shark) – Moments later, we each caught a few more Dogfish and then Ken was jigging a swim-shad and nailed a really nice 23 inch Fluke! Good solid, fun action right off the bat!  
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Then my gracious Fishing Host told me to drive the boat……… which I love to do! 
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Next stop, I wrangled up a “Keeper”(19 inch) Fluke of my own as well! 
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Gorgeous day…. light, steady breeze….. And I had my Dramamine so the “Chum King” didn`t show up that day on the high seas! Yep…… I do get SeaSick! HaHa!
I think you all will really going to enjoy this Go PRO Video I shot of the day`s Adventure…… Walton had his Drone out there as well and we combined some footage. So without any further ado, grab some popcorn, crank up the speakers and enjoy the show; 
It was really good to re-connect with Walton as he is a really nice guy and a great host. 
We both agreed to get together more often for some more fishing Adventures in the near future! 
Good Friends….. Good Fishing……….Can`t beat that combination in my book. 
Till next time….