Swimming at Blue Mountain Lake with our Dogs!

Last Sunday was my last day of vacation and we thought about hiking Merrill Creek. But it was going to be a scorching hot August Sunday. So I said to Sharon, “The hell with hikin`……let`s head north with the pups and go swimmin` up at Blue Mountain Lake!” – And we did just that!

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If you enjoy dogs as much as we do, I think you`ll really enjoy this Video
                            I shot that day up at Blue Mountain Lake!
Till next time…..

2 thoughts on “Swimming at Blue Mountain Lake with our Dogs!”

  1. I love hiking and swimming with my dogs at Blue Mountain Lakes too, especially Hemlock Pond. This is not the place to post this message, but I wanted to thank you for picking up my sunglasses in Port Murray this morning. I knew where I dropped them, and got out there first thing, but you beat me. Thank you. Hope to see you on the trails.

    1. Hiya Susan – Well I`m glad ya got`em back! They`re aren`t cheap sunglasses and I just crossed my fingers that the actual owner would find my note! Awesome!
      You`ll probably see us walkin` the trails!

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