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NJ Shad Fishing with Ken Beam on the Delaware River – Shad Fishin` Time!

NJ Shad Fishing in the Springtime on the Delaware River. One of my favorite Spring activities! The forecast
for this past Saturday was ideal. Sunny and breezy with temperatures not expected to get much over 70 degrees. Perfect Shad Fishing weather in my book. I only had about two and a half hours to fish on Saturday as I had a good bit of yard work to get too. So I had to get busy on the river fast.
I loaded up my gear in the truck and was on my way by six a.m. on Saturday morning to my destination: Riegelsville. It`s late in the season for Shad in this part of the river and I was guessing I`d pretty much be by myself fishing the Delaware River that day.
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Upon arriving at my spot, I anxiously tied on my favorite flutter-spoon….
An unpainted, smooth-blade Gold spoon, as I have caught count-less shad over the years. Not really sure if indeed colors are that big of a factor when it comes to shad fishing. Hell my friend Curt Ryder would say, “Ken……when that`s the only lure you use, of course the odds are goin` up for that particular lure in regards to how many fish you catch!!” – ha! ha!
I eased myself down the bank and into the river, then slowly worked my way out into the dark water of the Delaware to begin casting.
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It wasn`t long……then BAM! A strike! Shad on! These Springtime Shad are the most feisty freshwater fish I have ever caught!
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More than once, they`ll give you a nice “Air-Show” too!
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Here`s a Video of my NJ Shad Fishing Adventure on May 24th 205 below;
Ended up catching four Shad in those two hours on the Delaware River. Hell….. to me, just being out on the River is like some sort of utopia. Catchin` a fish or two is a heck of a nice added bonus though!
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