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NJ Quail Hunting – an Adventure down in the Pine Barrens

NJ Quail hunting down in Greenwood Forrest, deep down in the Pine Barrens of South Jersey is something that I do indeed enjoy with my good friend Curt Ryder each small-game hunting season. Last Saturday we ventured down into the Pine Barrens to have a go at those tasty NJ Quail. 
I met up with Curt at our usual spot at 4:30am as it`s about a two hour drive to our destination in Greenwood Forrest. Loaded up my old Browning 20-gauge shotgun, gave Jake a pat on the head as I jumped in his truck and we were on our way.
The terrain is quite different down there compared to what we`re use to when hunting in up in north Jersey. Much flatter, sand rather than dirt, and I don`t ever remember getting a tick on me while down there either.

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As we headed to the fields right before sunrise, Jake was fired up and ready to go as usual!
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With the action hot and heavy, it wasn`t long before Curt scored his first Quail on that very cool morning(see his breath?) –
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I certainly heated up the barrel on my `ol 1959 Belgium Browning 20 gauge that day as there was plenty of shooting!
Here is the video I shot of our NJ Quail Hunting Adventure down in the Pine Barrens;
It was a great morning hunting as we ended up with our limit of Quail. 
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Till next time….
A great morning hunting with a great friend…….. It doesn`t get any better.

NJ Pike Fishing! Up Shit`s Creek Without a Paddle! Son-of-a-Bitch! Fishing on Foot!

Well the title alone ought to give ya an idea as to how this day panned out! ha! ha!
So turn those speakers up and watch this Video of the day`s as I do a little NJ Pike Fishing on foot!
So for those of you that have written to me asking if it was possible to catch Pike on foot, well here`s your answer. I did manage to wrangle up one Pike this morning and had another one swat at and miss my lure.
So yes, you don`t need a `Yak to get the job done.
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Thanks for watching –
Till next time….