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Prowlin` `round the Passaic lookin` for those toothy “River Wolves” 8/2/2015

Had a little time to head on out to the Passaic River last Sunday August 2nd, to chase those Jersey “River Wolves” in the Passaic. Obviously as you all can tell by now, the Northern Pike is one of my favorite fish to go after and my goal is to hopefully, to wrangle up a 40 incher to hang in my office.
There are a few reasons I keep coming back to this river. 1.) I like the terrain,….. you have to work for the fish and getting around with the `Yak in some pretty heavy cover/obstacles, is certainly challenging. 2.) You never quite know what you may catch or come across in that mysteriously murky river. Hell just a couple weeks ago, they pulled an alligator out of it down around Elmwood Park! 3.) I know that there are River Monster Pike in there! Gotta keep tryin`!
Figured I`s start at around 8:30 and work my way down river for two or three hours. The river was lower than I had anticipated and it`s usual murky self. I worked the river ever so slowly. Casting with pin-point accuracy in various pockets and around submerged brush and logs as I head down stream.
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After a an hour or so of fishing, nothing. Then I cam upon this stretch that just really looked “Pikey” with a nice deep pocket at the end of the pool. On the second cast a Pike swiped at the Bomber Lure. Two more casts…… and nothing. Then the next cast BAM! Pike on!
Turn up your speakers and enjoy this short clip I shot of the day`s adventure on the river;
That young Pike was the only one I found that morning. That`s ok……….. I`ll be back in my quest for that Passaic River Monster 40″ Northern Pike!
Till next time…..

NJ Pike Fishing – Ken Beam chasin` Pike on the Passaic River

I was sittin` out back on the patio last Thursday night, enjoyin` an ice-cold PBR in the breezy Springtime air, contemplating my next NJ Pike Fishing Adventure. As I looked at my Passaic River Map, I noticed what appeared to be a small tributary stream off of the Passaic called Dead River. “Heck”, I thought to myself, “Ought to be able to wrangle one or two Pike outta there” – So I decided to “Scout it out” on my way home from work the next evening.
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Upon arriving at my destination on Friday evening, I jumped down along a swampy river bank and noticed fresh Black Bear paw prints in the mud. “Well heck, if the bears are fishin` here, that just might be a good sign!” I thought out loud.
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It wasn`t too long before I got into a couple decent Pike that next day. I worked that Clown Bomber lure as a jerk-bait, mixing it up with slower retrieves which proved to be a very effective method for those “River Wolfs” that day.
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A fine NJ Northern Pike in the net!
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Crank up those speakers and enjoy this little Video of the day`s adventure on the river!
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Despite the muddy water conditions, I did manage to wrangle up this decent 7.25lb 34″ Pike last Saturday.
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I certainly enjoy chasin` Pike on the Passaic and hopefully when I`m out and about, we`ll cross paths somewhere along the river. Till next time…