The Fisherman Magazine published Ken Beam`s “NJ Northerns on the Fly”

Howdy! If you get a chance, when you`re at a Quick Chek, Krauszer`s or maybe 7-Eleven store, pick up a copy of this month`s June edition of The Fisherman magazine. I believe you will find the story by yours truly, quite compelling and rather challenging on page 28. 
I`d like to give a big thank you to Jim Hutchinson NJ/DE Managing Editor for considering and publishing my Pike story. I also had the pleasure of meeting Jim in person in April at the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife Outdoor Writer`s Workshop. Just a heckuva nice guy.  

Here are a few pictures of the flies, Pike and of course, Piper our Pomeranian. If you do not live in Jersey and can`t pick up the magazine, you can go on-line to read it digitally at the link below; 
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The Bunny-Tail tandem fly that I scored the big Northern on
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If you have any questions or need some advice about attempting this type of fishing, please ask away right here on my site and I`ll be more happy to help. Hope you get a chance to read the article!

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3 thoughts on “The Fisherman Magazine published Ken Beam`s “NJ Northerns on the Fly””

  1. I think this is so cool and amazing!! Congratulations!!!
    I loved it! If you have an extra paper! I would love to have one with your signature!!! Let me know how much the paper cost! Again congratulations it put a smile on my face just to know I know you! Awesome my friend!

  2. Excellent Ken ,been wanting to try this for a while now .What is your setup Ken? Rod, line , tippet? .Looks like you use a 4′ or so Fly .I am thinking 8 wt line /Rod for Pickerel and Pike 12-8# Fluoro tippet .Not sure yet

    1. Hiya John – Here`s exactly what I use; 1.) Shakespeare Wild 8wt Fly Rod 2-Piece 9ft – 2.) RIO TOOTHY CRITTER TAPERED LEADER – 7.5ft – 20LB WIRE 3.) What you see me holding in my hand is a Tandem Bunny-Tail Chartreuse Fly ……….And that`s it. That`s my set-up.

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