The Snakehead Wrangler meets up with the Slaya down in the Swamps of Jersey

Tell you what, there`s nothing quite like the combination of a high level of comradery and sharing the same passion with another buddy when it comes to fishing. And hell, add the kayaks in the mix, and you can bet the ranch that you are in for a helluva fun day!

I crossed paths with Rob “Slaya” Morrison a couple years ago while scoutin` out some new snakehead territory down in South Jersey. We became solid fishing friends and try to meet up a few times a year to have a go at some snakeheads and bowfins. When it comes to snakehead fishing, the “Slaya” as he`s known down there, knows his way around the waterways of South Jersey.
    So plans were made to meet up at our usual spot and then we were heading about forty-five minutes south to some newer territory. Well at least it was new to me anyway.
Once we got to our destination, we launched the Yaks as Rob explained the game plan. The creek was very very narrow and low so we would be paddling in very lightly and quietly. Like I said, this guy knows what to do when chasing these invasive creatures.
We started working on both sides of the swampy creek and in a matter of minutes that `ol Slaya nailed the first snakehead of the day!  Really had awesome colors too.
Then I happened to come upon my first fry-ball of the year. I immediately switched to a swimbait, as I prefer to go under the fry-ball, while attempting to piss off the adult snakehead that is guarding the fry.
After about a dozen casts or so, I spotted the adult in extremely shallow water and grabbed my other rod with a top-water mouse. I bounced the mouse several times near the large snakehead as I lost sight of her. I made another cast several feet away and near the shoreline…….. and BAM!!! Out of the muck, the monster exploded onto my mouse! Fish on baby! And let me tell you, if you never have caught a snakehead, you cannot imagine what they feel like on the end of your line!
The fight is over-the-top totally explosive and they are extremely powerful too. You never know exactly what`s going to happen when you reel back and set that hook. They are absolutely unpredictable with all of their acrobatic maneuvers! And this one finally made her way into my net. A really nice fish indeed.
We paddled further into the narrow creek, and each landed several more that afternoon.
I had planned on leaving around 5pm as it`s a solid two hour and forty-five minute ride home. But when I`m out and about rippin` lips with someone as good as the “Slaya”, I have a helluva time calling it a day! So that planned 5 o’clock became more like 8pm by the time we called it quits and got off of the water.
To me that`s what it`s all about, catching fish, laughin` like hell and just having a strong comradery and passion towards fishing. Always enjoy workin` those swamps in the Yaks with my good friend Rob.
See ya next time –