Wildlife Artistry Taxidermy By Mario – Highly Recommended Taxidermist!

I just picked up my Turkeys from Wildlife Artistry by Mario, and I am ecstatic! What a phenomenal job! Just scroll down take a look at the detail in these pictures. High Quality Taxidermy indeed!
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Sharon and Mario are the most gracious, down-to-earth people you`ll ever meet as they always welcome you
warmly when you come to their home. For that matter, they invited me in to have a cup of coffee and some pie the morning I stopped by and I really enjoyed our conversation. We talked for hours about everything from hunting to fishing to a radio show that Mario does to my writing and just about everything under the sun. But one thing that I really wanted to share is what Mario said when discussing customers because it really struck a chord with me…….. 
He said, “You know Ken….. I don`t have awards and ribbons hanging all over because I`m not that type of guy. I`m not into doing the whole taxidermy show/contest gig…… it`s just not my style. While some guys in the business nowadays, turn down some work because they don`t want to mount this or mount that, I rarely turn anything away. I`m a taxidermist…… that`s what I do. We truly develop a real personal relationship with our customers and that`s why we have a very high percentage of repeat customers and referrals every year. It`s about doing business with the highest level of integrity.  
And while accolades are nice, our true reward is seeing the smiling faces of our customer`s when they pick up their mounts. That`s our “Ribbons” at Wildlife Artistry. Because when the day ends, making the customer happy is all that really matters” – 
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Wildlife Artistry by Mario is located at; 96 Angen Rd. Washington, NJ 07882
*You can reach Mario at; (908) 223-1216 
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**I highly recommend Wildlife Artistry by Mario
                 for all of your taxidermy needs!