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Awesome Canoe Adventure

Watch Sharon & Ken take a Canoe Trip on the Delaware River Sept. 25th 2010 in Matamoras, Pa. –  Hey if you`re looking for a little adventure, definitely check this out!….We had a blast! I`d highly recommend it. It`s a 4 hour Canoe Trip & 10 miles of scenic, fun canoeing!

*The company is called Indian Head Canoes & Rafts on the Delaware. 

*Here`s the website address & tid-bit about Indian Head;

*Delaware River Rafting, Canoeing, Kayaking, Camping and Cabins
Get ready for an adventure to remember at Indian Head Canoes & Rafts!  Delaware River rafting, canoeing, and kayaking is fun and exciting for everyone.  Unique to the Delaware River, we also offer a variety of overnight lodging…deluxe cabins, riverside log cabins, group bunkhouse and campgrounds.
For 34 years, Indian Head Canoes and Rafts has been a leader on the Delaware River, providing all you need to make your visit comfortable. 

Located in Barryville, NY and Matamoras, PA, we are nestled between the lush forest mountains of the Poconos and Catskills.  The Delaware River is a National “Scenic and Recreational River”, spectacular in it’s pristine beauty and perfect for whitewater river rafting, canoeing, kayaking, and tubing.  It’s a river adventure vacation that is close to home, yet feel a world away.
We look forward to seeing you on the river!

*To make Reservations call 800-874-2628

Matamoras, PA  Base From GW Bridge

Map Quest Address – 1138 Delaware Drive – Matamoras, PA 18336
•Rt 80 to Rt 23 N (NJ exit 53) 
•Rt 23N to Rt 84W 
•Rt 84W to exit 53 *Matamoras 
•Rt 209N thru Matamoras to bridge 
•Turn left on Delaware Drive just before bridge. 2 miles to Base
      or  Central NJ

•Rt 80 to Rt 15N (NJ exit 34B) 
•Rt 15N to Rt 206N 
•Rt 206N across bridge to 209N 
•Rt 209N thru Matamoras to bridge 
•Turn left on Delaware Drive just before bridge. 2 miles to Base
From Conn. or NYS Thruway

•NYS Thruway to exit 16 
•Rt 17W to exit 121W 
•Rt 84W to exit 53 * 
•Turn left on Delaware Drive just before bridge. 2 miles to Base 

Canoe and Raft Rates 
 Saturday, Sunday &Holidays


 $43  per person


 $39    Group Leader paddles & camps Free*


 $38  Group Leader paddles and camps Free*
 $37    Group Leader paddles and camps Free*
* Based on 2 persons per canoe on weekends, and on 3 persons per raft on weekends, 2 persons per raft on weekdays.
Without reservations, add $2.00 a person.
 *Kayak Rates 
These boats are the newest rage on the river. We have both solo kayaks (1 person) and doubles. Our kayaks are designed for river touring, stable, easy to paddle, more maneuverable and quick in the water. Try one soon!

1 – 9 people:  $45.00 per person

10 – 19 people:  $41.00 per person plus Group Leader kayaks FREE

20+ people:  $40.00 per person plus Group Leader kayaks FREE
*Tubing Rates 
Bring back those lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer with a tubing trip down the river. Just like Huck and the boys. No worries, just fun.

$25.00 per person

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