Hunting Tales with Ken – Grab your gun this will be fun!

I grew up hunting at a very young age of nine. Yep……. I was nine years old(which wasn`t legal) when my Father let me carry a single-shot .410(which I still have) to hunt with him. Dad taught me all of the proper safety lessons as I went with him every week as we went out and about hunting around Califon. 
I`ll always remember that rainy morning when we were hunting at the “Small Quarry” which is now Melick`s Orchards. Dad was at the bottom of the quarry while I was at the top listening to Rusty, our beagle as he ran a rabbit. The sound of his barking was getting closer and closer. Then all of the sudden the rabbit appeared right in front of me! I carefully raised my .410 to my shoulder and ever-so carefully aimed,…..and aimed…….and aimed at the sitting rabbit. My Dad started calling me…….”Kenny……Kenny Allen….. Where are you?“. But I was still aiming at that rabbit! ha! ha! Then ever so carefully I squeezed the trigger….
BANG! I got the rabbit!
I grabbed my quarry and hurried down the hill to my Father, proudly showing him my trophy rabbit that I had shot. Dad said, “That`s great Kenny,……. but why didn`t you answer me when I was calling you?
I answered, “Dad…….. I was aiming!” —- ha! ha!~ And that was my Rabbit Hunting Adventure I`ll always remember and cherish. 
Nowadays the trusty Go PRO accompanies me on my hunting adventures and I hope that you`ll enjoy some of these videos:
Let`s do a little Pheasant and Quail Hunting! This is me and my best friend Curt Ryder, hunting Quail down in Greenwood Forrest way down in the Pine Barrens of South Jersey, then we trekked back up to Spruce Run that same day the chase some Pheasants;

Damn……. that NJ Quail Hunting adventure was so much fun, hell we went back down again the very next week:

Deer hunting in New Jersey is another adventure that I enjoy in the Fall and Wintertime. Nothing quite as exciting as “Rattlin`” up a rutting buck on a cold, crisp Autumn morning during bow and arrow season;

I certainly do enjoy dining on venison, as I usually put three in the freezer a year. Nothing like a nice venison meatloaf or slow-cooked deer roast with mashed potatoes and a nice red cabernet sauvignon to compliment the ideal meal after sitting in a tree for hours in ten degree weather:

Out & about in the New Jersey Wilderness