Carp Fishing at Spruce Run Reservoir

Carp Fishing in New Jersey is a lot of fun and Spruce Run Reservoir or the 
Delaware River are great places to fish for these huge fish!
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Here`s a nice 13lb. Carp I landed fishing at the Delaware River
Sharon is all smiles with a 10lb. Carp that she caught
 on a rainy day while fishing in the Delaware River!
Carp fishing is very easy to do. Set up your pole with 10lb. test and use a good-size catfish hook. Like a number 4 hook and a decent size weight. Get a can of corn and cover the hook with as much corn as you can get on the hook. Simply toss it out and wait. Believe me, you will definitely know when a carp grabs the corn because if you`re not watching your pole, you may very well lose it! Definitely use strike-guards to prevent this from happening or simply loosen the drag as I did in the video and when the line starts running, tighen up the drag as I did in the video. Any young fishermen/fishergal will absolutely love catching one of these huge fish!

8 thoughts on “Carp Fishing at Spruce Run Reservoir”

  1. Hey Ken. I was trying to fish carp at spruce run reservoir but I didn’t get even a bite. I was fishing at place which is close to van syckles rd. Also water is very low. Would u recommend any good spot on reservoir to fish or at Delaware river.
    Thank you so much.

    1. Hiya Max – No kiddin`?? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm….. Well that video that you saw me in is right on van syckles rd. Heck it`s the very first spot where you can pull off if you`re coming off Rte. 31 – But! I never really like fishing at Spruce Run when they let all of the water out. So I have not tried for carp when it`s that low. ha! ha! Now as for the Delaware, I`ve landed some mighty big ones out of there too. I would say get over in the Riegelsville NJ area or even up around Belvidere would/should be a good area. Here`s one I caught in the Delaware River….. it weighed in at 15lbs.
      Let me know how you make out ok?? Ken-

          1. I was fishing carp at delwer river. Was just one bite in 5 hours. Hovewer, that bite was lucky. I got a carp as big as my hand. I think maybe 10 lbs

  2. Beautiful carp! Don’t forget to make sure all the fellow fishermen don’t overlook your local shallow ponds. Warm water can lead to these babies to hit 20-25 or even up to 30 lbs… I found a nice little pond in Montvale, NJ, that can set your drag screaming!

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