Watch out! Rattlesnake!

Yep…… I was looking for Wild Blueberries & stepped within 6 inches of this enormous Timber Rattlesnake while hiking in the Delaware Water National Park up by Blue Mountain Lake today!!!!

If you like hiking………….. keep your eyes open!!!

NOTE- It definitely was not the smartest thing getting as close as I did to this Rattler!
They can strike about 2/3 of their total length. So a three foot Rattler could strike out about two feet. Now do the math….. this huge Rattler that I almost stepped on was close to five feet long……. See his eyes in the clip?? Very dangerous. Way too close.

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  1. I have a place in Southern Arizona so see these rattlers fairly often. I’ve come close to stepping on them too when out hiking somewhere. You got real close to that one and he was clearly warning you with the rattle to back off. Good he didn’t strike. And I’ve never seen one in NJ either. That was a nice one,

  2. I actually was bitten by a prairie rattler about 15 years ago while out shooting prairie dogs. Crawling over a hill with ear protection on I got hit in the finger. Sucked out what venom I could (I could taste it as I did it), spent the night in the hospital,, and was discharged the next day. I had swelling in the arm and after effects for probably three weeks.

    I have his skin.

  3. Never heard of or seen a rattlesnake in nj. Seen a few out here in az , they are fast and nasty

  4. Seen a lot of rattle snakes when I was stationed in Texas. before you would jump into a fox hole during practice you would have to make sure none got trapped inside. one time we found 3 that couldn’t get out. 1 was 4 feet long. got 150 dollars for him at the diner.

  5. Hey ken. They are uncommon for NJ but I’ve had seen a few here in South Jersey fishing Menantico and Union lake area. Watch your step

  6. There are many Timber Rattlesnakes in the Marlton Lakes section of Evesham Twp. in South Jersey. About 4-5 years ago a young man was bitten on the foot off the shoulder on Route #70 in Medford, NJ. At that time nobody had any anti-snake venom in the local hospitals. The man spent almost 3 weeks in the hospital and almost had to have his leg amputated off. However, the doctors were able to save his leg where he was bitten. Be careful not to step on this deadly poisonous snake

  7. heard you on 101.5, had to check it out. I spotted a rattlesnake by a lake in Hainesport, which seems WAY out of their range. scared me since I heard him before I saw him.

  8. I hunt for timber rattlesnakes here in PA . Find 20 plus each year. We have quite a few, if you go to the right places. Most never rattle until you start to “play” with them. Joe

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