Joke I played on Cat_Daddy! Re; NJ Kayaking Course

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Ya know me & the Cat_Daddy have a lot of fun bustin` each others balls……HaHa! Well…… I thought you`d all get a kick out of this Gang!

Once upon a time….. a young Lad named Willie Rowe wanted to get a Kayak.

Now little Willie didn`t anything about a kayak, so he contacted the Devil himself
and this is how the conversation went;

Cat_Daddy: Hey Ken I`m buying a used kayak and wanted to get your take on it.

The Devil: Well…. sounds like a good deal. What are ya waiting for? Get it.

So a couple days later little Willie buys his first kayak & calls up the Devil that night while
he`s at a Knee Deep Fishing Club meeting.

Cat_Daddy: I got the `Yak! Uhhhhhhhh……. when do you want to go?

The Devil: Ohhhhhh good……. Sure we can go. Well………that is after you take the “Course” –
You did schedule a time to take the course…..didn`t you?

Cat_Daddy: Course? What course?

The Devil: The NJ Kayak Safety Education Course ya dumbass! Everybody has to take it before they can use a `Yak in Jersey waters. Christ everybody knows that egghead!

Cat_Daddy: No shit? I never heard of it.

The Devil: Sure…… just Google NJ Kayak Course and sign up `cause nobody goes out with me that hasn`t taken the “Course”- Wouldn`t be legal.

Cat_Daddy: Well what do ya get… like a license?

The Devil: Nah…. a little card like when you took the boaters course. But ya better sign up cause it`s a two day course. Man…… I can`t believe you thought you were just gonna buy a `Yak and use it without takin` the Kayak Safety Course. God dam your dumb sometimes Son.

Cat_Daddy: I`m trying to Google it right now……. nothin` comes up.

The Devil: Well hell….. I don`t know if ya know how to use Google or not but I`m lookin` at it right now as we speak. Well…. where are ya right now? Maybe ya have a weak connection?

Cat_Daddy: I`m at the Knee Deep Fishing Club Meeting. Yea….. maybe you`re right. I`ll try to sign up when I get home. Thanks bud.

The Devil: Yea get signed up…..sooner the better. Tell ya what, I`ll send ya the link tonight. Then we can take those `Yaks out. And my name isn`t Bud.

So they hang up and the naive youngster, Cat_Daddy, proceeds to ask around in the meeting if anybody knows about the NJ Kayaking Safety Course.

Cat_Daddy: Hey any of you guys ever heard of the NJ Kayak Safety Course?

The Guys at the Meeting: The what? Kayaking course? Never heard of it.

Cat_Daddy: Yea my buddy told me I have to sign up and take it before he`ll go out with me. Said it`s required by law.

The Guys at the Meeting: Who told you this?

Cat_Daddy: Ken Beam

The Guys at the Meeting: Well if anybody would know, it would certainly be him.

That night the Devil sent the mysterious link for the NJ Kayak Safety Course to the Cat_Daddy so that he would have it by sun-up…….and by that time, the Devil would be long gone….. because everyone knows the Devil prefers darkness(well….. and maybe some lightning)

And this what Cat_Daddy found out when he tried to sign up;

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