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Ken Beam an adventurous
outdoorsman from Califon
New Jersey, takes you on his excursions and shares his experiences throughout the New Jersey Wilderness.
From fishing in the Delaware River to hunting quail in the NJ Pine Barrens to sucker-gigging on the ice in Califon to hiking in the beautiful area of Stokes Forrest to calling coyotes in the dead of Winter, he always enjoys the Great Outdoors of his home state of New Jersey.
This Black Bear was about 20 yards from the house!
We see Bears quite frequently.
“Please peruse my entire site and perhaps you`ll discover a thing or two on here that you didn`t know about the NJ Outdoors…. And maybe someday our paths will cross on an adventure in the New Jersey Wilderness”… Ken-
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                  That`s one pissed off Huge Snappin` Turtle! 
“Let me get a little closer & we`ll see who will be smilin` Ken!”

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The Snakehead Wrangler meets up with the Slaya down in the Swamps of Jersey

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It`s not always fishing that makes it an Adventure - I didn`t think this night would end!

It`s not always fishing that makes it an Adventure - I didn`t think this night would end!

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Bowfin! Ken Beam catches elusive North Jersey Jurassic era River Monster!

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Click the picture of the Rattlesnake to see the Video!

32 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Great site, Ken. Nice photos and well done videos. I sincerely hope that whenever I get back to NJ. that we can team up and go chase down some form of tasty animal and do a little conspiring on some videos too. Good job, my friend.

  2. Hey Ken , Nice Fishin u been doing , I like to see a multi species angler , me I catch Bass all types too . Gona give Striper Fishin a Go this Fall / Winter . What type of lures you frequent do you have an open mind to the market and try new lure types or you bread and butter it ? I tend to Bread and butter , I have a specific lure that has different applications , it can be used as a search bait ,getting a feel for what’s on the bottom ; rick, grass , rip rap , and etc. Also burn it in tip up n use as a top water . I prefer using 3/16 ounce jig head matched with any 3-4 inch lil flukes or swimbajts ( Weedless or exposed ) prefer weedless though . Still learning new methods and trying other lures but that’s my bread and butter .

    1. Hiya Adam – Thanks….. glad ya checked out my site. Yes I do indeed enjoy all types of fishing! As for lures, pretty much open to tryin` new lures.
      Lately I`ve been thinkin` that it would be very cool if I could test new lures for Cabelas, Gander Mountain or Bass Pro just to share my opinion.
      I do like to fish live or even dead eels when I`m on the Delaware River chasin` Catfish or Stripers. When it comes to Pike, I like my trusty Spinner baits but also love to throw “new” lures at `em too! Sounds like you really have plan when it comes to Bass……. Do you fish rivers or ponds for `em?

  3. hello Ken…just saw a video of yours on youtube about pike fishing on the Passaic river so I sub’d your channel. I am going to be attending a conference the first week of May in Parsippanny NJ and decided I may need to take the kayak along for the trip and do some fishing. How is the fishing up near Parsippanny along the Passaic? We don’t have Pike or largemouth up here where I am from in Canada so I am hoppign to target these 2 species. I also wouldn’t mind trying my luck at carp. If you have any info you wouldn’t mind passing along that would be greatly appreciated. Nice website and channel!!!

    thanks, nate

    1. Hiya Nate – Thanks for checkin` out my site. Anywhere along the Passaic can work well for Pike. Not so sure about
      gettin` into Largemouth as I never went after them on the river.
      I can put you into some decent Largemouth fishin` over at Spruce Run Reservoir if you`re up for it.
      Hell….. maybe we can meet up & do a little `Yak fishin` for Pike that week you come to Jersey & also
      have some fun with those monster Carp in the Passaic River if you`d like. Find me on Facebook at

      Thanks again –


      1. This was An awesome video . I’m in roseland so I launch off river road behind willow brook mall also from Bloomfield ave in pine brook I always head down stream. I’ve come into some pike mostly on white spinner baits . Would you suggest further up stream from river road of go further down streak below the falls in little falls ?

  4. Hi Ken
    Can you show me couple place that i can fish catfish i love catfish would you give me some address so i can go fishing thanks alot

  5. I need good spot somewhere in delaware or blatimore Maryland do you have any? Thanks

  6. Hi ken
    I saw the video you and sharon went catfish fishing in delaware river, can you give me that place address so i can go fishing now or somewhere in delaware river thamks ken

    1. Hiya Muoi – Well….. This is the address of The Riegelsville Inn; 10-12 Delaware Rd, Riegelsville, PA 18077
      I catch fish directly across the river from the Inn. Hope this helps Muoi – Ken

  7. Ken,

    Very nice video on youtube!!
    I was wondering if you can take my son and me for eel fishing on delaware river

    1. Hiya Andrew – Glad you enjoyed my eel fishin` Video. Sure….you buy the bait and we can set up a fun night of eel fishin` – Write back.

  8. Hey ken this is Marco from Essex county nj I’m always on the Passaic River in search of pike your videos are very informing an you catch great fish . The I stay between east Hanover an little falls I do good above the falls I know know of many place to launch I want to explore . In your opion should I travel further up stream or down . I’m not looking for a town or specific spot just maybe guide me to where you feel I may do better . Thanks ken enjoy your videos hope to see more of you on the Passaic !!

  9. Hey Ken. I’ve been hitting the river quite often in my ‘yak near pio Costa. Haven’t had any luck with those pike though. Anyways hope to see some new pike fishing vids of you in the Passaic on your yak!

    1. Hiya Anthony – Well……. hey that`s fishin` right? Gotta keep pluggin` away…….. You`ll get into `em. I just suffered a massive heart-attack on July 14th, so it`ll be a little while before I`m out and about on the Passaic……. But I`ll be back buddy-boy! Bet the ranch on that! Stay in touch and write anytime. Thanks pal – Ken

      1. Wow I’m sorry to hear that man. I hope you’re making a good recovery. Hopefully I’ll see ya out there once you’re back in full health!

    1. Hiya Danny! I was driving by and thought you`d really like those cards. I just suffered a massive heart-attack on July 14th….. First day back at work tomorrow(7/27)…….. I`ll stop by the house real soon. Thanks pal –

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