Shad Fishing on the Delaware River

Springtime fishing in New Jersey means Shad Fishing!
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My best Friend Curt Ryder kept sayin` to me for years, “Hey try Shad fishing this year”……. And I never had any interest…..that is until I gave it a go back in 2010. Now every Spring I`m anxious to go! I fish with Curt and bunch of other really nice guys that Curt has known over the years Shad fishing along the Delaware River. Watch Curt & myself show you a little bit about Shad Fishing in the clips below. Listen to “Gus” explain how to cook a Shad too!
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All of my Shad Fishing buddies say the same thing when it comes to eating Shad…….. it sucks!
Now you heard the joke, “Butterfly the Shad,season it well & cook it on a cedar plank for six hours then throw away the Shad and eat the plank!”………
Well now I do indeed enjoy eatin` fresh fish & one night my girlfriend, Sharon said, “Bring one or two home & I`ll cook it for you”
So that`s exactly what I did……… Watch the clip below & listen as I give you my verdict on eatin` Shad.

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  1. Hi Ken, i’m from Montreal and i love shad fishing, i was thinking of coming to try and fish on the delaware river, but i don’t know where to go and when is the best time to come over there, can you help me ?

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