Sharon Likes To Fish!

Yep…… My girlfriend Sharon really enjoys fishin` too (and she catches fish!)
She`ll even bait her own hook…..(just won`t take the fish off! ha! ha!)
Watch her fishin` with me on a rainy day on the Delaware River in the clip below.
Now this was a fun day on the Bridge right in Califon in October. We were catchin` a bunch of suckers and a trout every now and then……. Then Sharon decides to make up this bait concoction that consisted of ALL of the following; a mealworm, three pieces of corn and a glob of Power Bait!
So there we were, four guys just laughin` as Sharon baited her hook & tossed her line in the river……..
I kept teasin` her sayin`, “So how`s that smorgasbord-bait-concoction workin` for ya?”………..Well…….. ya know that old saying, “He(or She!) who laughs last, laughs the longest” right? That`s exactly what happened that day on the Bridge!She got a wicked bite that just about pulled her pole over the Bridge! Then she grabbed it & set the hook! I honestly was still jokin` around sayin`, “Well guess another one of those suckers are still hungry!”………..Then it broke out on top of the water…….. it was a Huge Rainbow Trout!!Watch the clip below to see her catch this four and a half pound Rainbow Trout on the Bridge in Califon New Jersey.
Not many guys out there have a girlfriend like this………. She`s beautiful AND she isn`t even afraid to clean the fish! Am I a lucky guy or what?!
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Sharon and my Step-Father Rich with her monster Rainbow Trout!
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Can she ever shoot too! I could not believe how good of a shot she is with my
Cross-bow! Heck I think I ought to sleep in & send her to my tree! ha! ha!
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Here my Angler-Girlfriend caught a 11 pound Carp fishin` in the Delaware River!
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Then at other times, she likes to relax when we`re fishin`! ha! ha!
That`s my friend Curt shad fishin` as Sharon basks in the sun! ha! ha!

4 thoughts on “Sharon Likes To Fish!”

  1. Very entertaining videos, photos and stories, especially with Karen catching that nice trout on her unique hunk of bait. Now i need to find me a pretty fishing companion like her. If I weren’t so derned old now I might just have a shot at that, but I’d say you could do a national TV show that people would, I think, really like, because this is all very real, and not staged like so man so-called “Reality” shows.
    Anyway, You just responded to me on Youtune and I live in Ocean City NJ now until May 15, and the striped bass season will soon be winding down so I’m seeking some freshwater opportunities for the winter.
    I can get to the Delaware River below Lambertville in about an hour and a half, so maybe try that. I may try that area on Friday near Fairfield on the Raritan because I’ll be visiting my daughter up that way. Thanks for this cool site. I’ll let others know about it.

    1. Hi Jim – Happy Thanksgiving! Yep….. Sharon caught quite a trout that dat on the Bridge in Califon! Thank you very much for all the nice comments.
      Hey listen if you`d like to get together & do a little fishin`, possibly this Winter or even next Spring, I`m always up for explorin` & gettin` into a new Fishin` Adventure……. You`re more than welcome to join me.

      1. That sounds great, Ken, and I will join you sometime. I have my NJ license, so can probably get loose in December sometime.

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