Catfishing on the Delaware River

Catfishing is something that I have always enjoyed from the time I was a young boy. I spent many Summer nights fishin` by my lantern fishin` for Cattys in the South Branch in Califon. Nowadays I love venturing to the Delaware River to catch big Catfish.
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That`s a 12lb. Flathead Catfish that I caught last Summer. “Flats” are an invasive species and you are not suppose to throw them back if you catch one.
Well they`re also delicious!
 (And this `ol boy met my two other “Friends”….. My knife & my grill!)
Let`s catch a Catty! Catfishing on the Delaware River!
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Take a look at the two different types of catfish below. The one on the
left is a Flathead Catfish and the one on the right is a Channel Catfish.
“Flats” also have a very different shaped head, hence Flathead.
Catfishing on the Delaware River is very relaxing & can be pretty exciting when you get a nice one on! You can sit by the lantern at night or even hit the river at
daybreak and you will be able to catch Cattys at first light. That Flathead that I caught was actually caught at 8:20am!

6 thoughts on “Catfishing on the Delaware River”

  1. Nice catfish. Where on the Delaware are you in the video? I imagine there are some really huge cats in that river. Be careful handling them. My buddy and I were fishing stillpond, in Maryland’s Eastern shore. He brought a catfish into the boat and in the process of removing the book, the fish twisted and the gill barb when all the way through my buddy’s hand. What a nightmare.

    1. Hey again Jim – Yes indeed there are some monster Cattys in the river! I`m actually about fourteen miles south of Frenchtown in this video. I definitely enjoy Catfishin` on the Delaware & like I said, you`re more than welcome to join me anytime.

  2. Good morning
    First of all, thank you for all your videos. If I may ask. Not asking for your secrets spots but wonder would you please share good areas to fish on the Deleware River?

    1. Sure….. I like to fish up by the last exit in Jersey……. before you go into Pa. –
      Decent catfishing up that way and it`s not too far from home for me.

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