NJ Pheasant Hunting 2014 with Ken Beam & Curt Ryder

NJ Pheasant-Quail Hunting with Ken Beam & Curt Ryder – Hunting NJ 2014

Nothing quite like doing a little NJ Pheasant-Quail hunting on a nice cool, crisp November morning.
However, our first stop yesterday morning was to take a little trip south first thing, to try our hand at some Quail hunting in the Pine Barrens of South Jersey.
Curt pulled in the parking lot where we met at 4:45am and was once again, shocked to see me there already! As I opened Curt`s truck door he said, “What the hell is goin` on with Ken Beam? Two weeks in a row he arrives before me!” ……… ha! ha! We joked as I threw my gun in the front seat and proceeded to jump in the truck. Curt looked at me and said, “Dude…….. really?” looking down at my cased gun in the seat. I looked at him laughingly and said, “Hell it`s too early buddy, ahhhhh I forgot……Guess some old habits are hard to break!”. Got out and threw my gun in the back and we were on our way.
Our destination, Greenwood Forrest was approximately 110 miles away.
We arrived at our spot at 6:45am and got ready to head on out to the woods at 7am.
“Jake” was really excited as he usually is and ready to go!
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Curt sets up Jake`s GPS tracking collar. It shows him when Jake stops, what direction the dog`s in and how far away he is.
That morning Quail Hunt in Greenwood Forrest was great! We ended up each getting our limit of four Quail by 9:30am. Jake did a really good job too. Bumped a couple birds, but all in all did really well.
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One time this hunter told Curt and myself, “As long as your English Pointer is gettin` a bloody tail, ya gotta keep him!”……….. Well Jake always gets a bloody tail which is typical for this hunting dog, as they beat the brush with their tail, as they hunt for birds. 
As I said, we had our limits by 9:30am. Curt turned to me and asked, “Want to go back up to Spruce Run to hunt some Pheasants since it`s so early?” Now the thing is with Curt, he`ll hunt from sun-up to sun-down! ha! ha! I said, “Sure….. but I`m only hunting till 1pm today buddy!”
With that, we loaded up in the truck and headed back north on the Garden State parkway.
When we arrived at Spruce Run, we were shocked…….. there wasn`t a vehicle in the parking area! Never have seen this on a Saturday afternoon.
The November air still had a good chill in it that late morning into the afternoon as we made our way across the fields. We weren`t in the field thirty minutes, when Jake put one up that I cracked with my .28 Gauge Beretta Over-and-Under shotgun. Normally I like using my old 1959 Browning Semi-Automatic for Pheasant, but this time I only had the Berretta. It was a good lesson, because up to this point I had only been using this gun for Grouse and Quail. I was more than pleased with what it could do hunting Pheasants.
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Ken Beam is ready to do some NJ Pheasant-Quail Hunting with his .28 Gauge Berretta!
Watch the Video below of our NJ Pheasant-Quail Hunting Adventure last Saturday;