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Ended Winter Deer Season with my 38 year old Bow – The Quickest Hunt in my life!

With New Jerseys Deer Hunting Season winding down, I wanted to make sure we(well.. I) had enough delicious venison to enjoy for the better part of the year. So I asked my Girlfriend Sharon, if she thought we had room in the freezer for another one. I kind of figured the answer would be “no” but to my surprise she said, “Yes….. you ought to get another one”  – Perfect timing I thought,  as I was off of work for the next few days and could watch the weather and strategically plan my hunt for one of the better days. Friday was a wash out with steady to heavy rain and wind and neither Saturday nor Sunday looked very promising because of the winds whipping upwards to 25 miles per hour. So that left Monday…….. the last day that I was off and they called for rain for the majority of the day as well. I have always dealt with the wet weather over the years and for that matter, I have always been quite successful hunting in the rain.

Now remember that old compound Bow that I showed you all a couple months back? My very 1st Compound bow that I bought from the Gander Mountain Catalog when I was 19 years old way back in 1982.  Here`s the Video to refresh your memory a bit;

I did indeed take my very 1st deer with this Bow when I was 19 years old.

As well as quite a few others over the years…….

And that`s exactly what I planned to hunt with in 2020….That 38 year old relic of a Compound Bow.

Monday rolled around and my alarm went off at 5:15am. I immediately grabbed my phone to check my weather app….. Well that sucks I said aloud, as it was showing rain up until 9am.  As I pondered what to do, I finally decided to sleep in for another hour as there wasn`t any sense sitting in my tree-stand getting a wet ass in the dark.

But I overslept a bit! Yep….. the last day that I had a shot of doing this, I overslept. Boy was I ever pissed off! With that I hustled out the door, jumped in the 4-Runner and sped towards Califon. At that point, there was no way I`d be in the tree much before 7:00am.

The rain came down steadily as I parked my vehicle. Perhaps the wet weather would play in my favor I thought as I cautiously scurried through the woods to my tree. The wet leaves definitely helped keeping my foot noise to a minimum. I climbed the ladder stand and got all comfortable and quickly nocked an arrow. I looked at my phone the time was 7:12am.

What happened next was simply unbelievable.

I glanced to my left and was absolutely startled by a doe walking by roughly thirty yards from my stand!  I couldnt believe it…… I was literally not in the stand more than five minutes! My startled movement spooked her as well as she started lightly stomping and snorting. At this point, I figured I was busted and froze against the tree. Then as she suspiciously walked behind a tree, I quickly drew my Bow while sitting……. and placed my single pin right behind her front shoulder as she warily stepped out in the open. The “bent” thirty eight year old aluminum 2117 Game-Getter Arrow topped with a three-blade Satellite Arrow found its mark. The deer folded where she stood. I pulled out my phone and it was now 7:22 on the nose! Ten minutes in the stand and the season was over.

I sat there for a few minutes and smiled, as I couldn`t believe what had just happened.

For me personally, its always about the overall experience or challenge of the hunt. So this was truly thrilling on a few different levels. For one, I have not hunted with a Bow in over seven years. Secondly, I wasn`t sure if I would ever feel that overly confident since suffering a massive heart-attack to climb up in a tree again and hunt with a Bow(Thanks to my good friend Dennis Peterson for helping me put up my stand a couple months ago) And thirdly, to be able to take a deer with the very same Bow that I used when I started Bow Hunting with when I was nineteen, was simply awesome! Yes it was indeed a very special ten-minute hunt last Friday.

See you next season!

Thanks for reading my latest Adventure,

Ken Beam



Wranglin` those Winter Rainbows on the Mountain

Had a hankerin` to chase some kind fish this past Friday, but had a wrench or two thrown in my plans you might say. For starters, things had iced back up at a couple of my fave haunts. So the locking up at these waterways, kind of “locked-me-out” of any plans to dip the Yak in anywhere. Although one possibility was Round Valley Reservoir. I checked my phone and there was problem with that idea as well……………. The wind!

I decided to have a go on foot and stay local. My destination; Point Mountain. I figured at least the valley would somewhat keep me out of the gusty winds that they were forecasting. I thought to myself, “Hell….. this would only be my 2nd time trying for trout in a year. So why not?” –

I started off by throwing a gold phoebe for about an hour to no avail, then switched to a silver Mepps spinner. And again, nothing at all. After fishing for a solid two hours, I hadn`t as much as even had a “follow” of any type and it was becoming rather disheartened with my Winter Trout excursion. I started rummaging through my “bag-of-tricks” trying to find something different to try……….

“Ahhhhhh!” I thought as I examined this cheap little pack of diving Trout lures that I had just purchased at Walmart an hour before I came to the river for $5.86 –

The first one that I tied was the little green one in the middle ……… and on the second cast WHAM!!! Fish on! Felt like a pretty nice trout as I worked her cross current towards my net. As I scooped my net into the icy waters of the Musconetcong, I landed my 2nd fish of 2020!

Nice fat Rainbow that went about 16-17 inches.

As the daylight started fading, I wanted to work another pool on my way back to the 4Runner. Staying back about twenty yards, I observed a trout actually rising on the edge of the pool, as it dined on some sort of midge or caddis fly. With that I strategically cast my cheap little river-runner lure upstream, then carefully brought it slowly cross-current into the pocket of the feeding trout. WHAM!…… he missed it! I quickly retrieved the lure and repeated the exact same routine seven times……..with no luck. Then I mixed it up and sped up the next retrieve, so the lure would dive a tad deeper.  BAM!!!! Trout on!! Splashing as she broke the cold February water with her tail! As I netted her, another feeding trout started to rise in the same pool! Quickly I worked the little lure sporadically across the pockets of the pool and in a matter of minutes, I landed my third Rainbow trout of the day. Snapped a picture and put the beautiful `Bow back in the river to fight another day as I did with the other two as well.

A fine February day indeed on the Musconetcong. Hell I`m happy with whatever I have the pleasure of catching in the dead of Winter!

`Till next time……….

Ken Beam


1st fish of 2020 – Ken Beam is a Believer.

January is hardly considered to be a kayak fishing month. Usually all of the waterways are locked up and we`re using our augers to set up tip-ups as we drill through the “hard water” wrangle up various Winter-time fish.

But 2020 is starting out quite different indeed.

It seems every few weeks we have been having a little warm-up to ruin any possible chance of having safe ice to fish on….at least so far. So last Tuesday the forecast was calling for a “balmy” 38 degrees for the high of the day. Thought to myself, “Hell….. might as well toss the Yak in the pond and have a go at something”

And to be quite frank, it is January folks, so believe me, I`m not too particular as to what I catch! lol Just about any fishy will do just fine!

I loaded up the 4Runner with a different destination in mind…….. White Lake up near Blairstown. Never fished it and only stopped there once to briefly eye it up.

The problem was that it was getting later in the day and I wouldn`t get there much before 3pm. I would still have a good hour and a half of fish-able light. At 3:10 the kayak hit the water and I began my quest for my 1st fish of 2020.

Let me show you one of my rod and reel set-ups that I have been using lately as it is pretty interesting how it came about. My good Friend Dennis Peterson does a lot of fluke fishing and actually caught this awesome Abu-Garcia Bait-caster paired with this medium-weight Bass Pro Graphite Rod while fluke fishing just last Summer. He cleaned it all up and asked me if I was interested in it. Upon seeing it, he didn`t have to ask twice! As I held it in my hands I was thinking what an awesome Muskie/Pike set-up.

So I had this set-up in my SUV along with my two other bass set-ups and decided to put it in the Yak. You see last month, the beginning of December, I actually was trying to wrangle up a Muskie and I inadvertently ended up with a pretty decent Largemouth Bass that afternoon using this set-up and using a seven inch Muskie Believer Lure. This is the Bass that I caught in the picture below, back on that extremely cold day on December 5th with the Believer lure.

I have become extremely intrigued with the Believer lure ever since my good friend and fishing companion, Pat Gallagher introduced me to them a year ago while we were chasing Muskies one afternoon. Since then I have acquired a very nice array of these awesome lures. Now back to the story….

Time and daylight was of the essence obviously as daylight was slowly fading away. I paddled into a few cut-out coves tossing the Believer lure. Was it purely a fluke that I nailed that beautiful bass on that freezing day last month on the over-sized seven inch lure? I began to wonder.

After about an hour or so, I was just about ready to switch rigs, but decided to switch the Believer for another color. A rather wild looking one with a dark back with a “orange-ish” hue.

And I decided to try a different retrieval as well. A much slower, twitch-twitch, reel – twitch method in a about a three foot depth. As there seemed to be a bit more cover weed-wise as well. The time was now about 4:20pm and the day was fading quickly.

On the third cast, as I very slowly twitched it back towards to Yak, suddenly there was a very heavy pull!! Not a violent whack as you would expect in the Spring or Summer, but rather this very heavy pull. The huge Greenback literally felt like he inhaled the large, seven inch Believer lure! As I reeled back to set to hook, the big Bucket-mouth rolled in the icy cold January water and calmly came to the net. I had just landed my 1st fish of 2020 and what a fish indeed!

What a Winter Hawg Bass! Apparently an Eagle had him recently as you can see by the fairly fresh scar on his side. Below is the exact Believer lure that I used to catch this big bass.

The Believer

Quite the way to start off the New Year! I hope you all have a wonderful New Year and catch a lot of fish.

`Till next time…….

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Ken Beam

Chasing River Monster Flatheads on the Delaware with Dave Au

Had the pleasure of fishing with one of the best fishermen that I`ve ever crossed paths with the other night…….. Mr. Dave Au. I have never met anyone that knows the Delaware River like this gentleman.
He truly knows it like the back of his hand.
After a few messages back and forth on Facebook, he said “Hey give me a ring” so I did. Once we connected on the phone, he said, “I met you several years ago up on Mountain Lake Ken, you were releasing a Muskie” I replied, “Well I`ll be damn…… I remember you now!” – Eventually he asked, “Would ya like to have a go at some Monster Flatheads on my boat? Been kinda slow the last two times but third time`s usually a charm!” Eagerly I replied, “Hell yea brother I`m in! When and where?’ So plans were made to meet Monday night north of the Gap.
Dave was already there when I pulled in the parking lot. As I got out of the 4Runner, we shook hands and my host said, “Don`t bring anything….just jump in the truck. I`ve got everything ready let`s go” – I was psyched!
When we launched his awesome boat into the darkness of the Delaware, a light started to kick up across the river that Dave didn`t care for it. “Damn wind might make this a little tough tonight but we`ll see” he exclaimed as the G3 sped off into the night.
We arrived at the first destination of the night and Dave set up four rods. Then baited them all with live white perch that he had caught earlier that day. He explained to me what his strategy was and why he had cast each of the four in a certain area because of the river current.
We hadn`t fished thirty minutes, when all of the sudden I got a solid run on one of the set ups! I picked up the pole and could feel a fish running slightly. “Doesn`t feel like much Dave as it`s barely pulling” – Dave relied, “Yea…….might be a channel cat….. they`ll act like that” – “Listen if he runs, you snap that pole back like your trying to snap it in half!”
So I did just that…………Fish on baby! I started to joke around and said, “Dude I think I`ve got a thirty pounder!” Dave started laughing “Yea yea right…….. wait till ya get a real fish on Mr. Beam!”
But neither of us realized what was really on the end of my line at that time……
Dave kept bustin` my balls and laughingly said…….. “You gonna reel that in or what?” and I started saying, “Hey man this is really pretty heavy” – All of the sudden, he hears my drag and yells, “Loosen the drag Ken play him out!” – And I did for several minutes……. Then said the hell with it and started horsin` the fish in!
He yelled ” Hey take it easy or you`ll lose him!” –
Then we finally got our first glimpse of the beast……… “Holy S#@t! It`s a monster!” I yelled as the huge Flathead dove deep into the dark waters once again! Dave went for the net and yelled “Play him out buddy! Don`t horse him, he`s a really nice one!” With that he quickly laid out across the deck in order to reach a bit further with the very long handled net as he knew the huge Flat wasn`t hooked very good!
I worked the beast up on top of the water and Dave went for it with the net but it was still just a bit out of his reach as he missed! The River Monster dove again as the drag started screaming and the 65lb braid line peeled off as I reeled back fighting the huge fish! Once again, I brought the Flathead back up and this time, Dave was able to masterfully net the beast!
Default 2
White Perch in the Live-well! Excellent Flathead bait
He got the Monster Flathead in the boat and we were both absolutely ecstatic! I shook his hand, patted his back profusely thanking him, “That is the biggest freshwater fish that I have ever caught!” I exclaimed. – Dave replied,”Well that already made my night Ken, we can quit now and call it a night if ya want! hahaha!”  “Look how he is barely hooked, you were very very lucky Mr. Beam!
Default 1
Dave cracked out the scale to weigh my River Monster………Well it wasn`t quite thirty pounds as I joked, but heck……… pretty darn close!
Default 1
After taking a bunch of pictures, we released the River Monster. Ohhhhhh yea……. I should clarify that a bit. You see New Jersey requires you to destroy invasive species such Flatheads, however Pennsylvania does not. So we were fishing in Pennsylvania that night!
Default 4
We fished for several more hours finally calling it a night around 2am. – A great night of fishing indeed!
Default 1
Can`t thank Dave enough for an awesome night and the experience of catching a River Monster Flathead!
Hope to have the pleasure of fishing with this great outdoorsman again!
We got back to the launch and Dave turned to me and said, “You got to learn how to use a drag a little better Ken,… were lucky as hell to land that Flat” – I smiled and said, “Didn`t claim that I was the best fisherman partner, but some say I`m the luckiest that`s for sure!”

Bringing back the 80`s – Watch Ken Beam dust off his 37 year old Bow from 1982! NJ Bowhunting

Whelp I have not hunted with a Bow and Arrow since suffering that massive heart attack three years ago…….. and now I`ve decided give `er hell and have a go at it.
I`m an old-school Bow Hunter that for the life of me,  I cannot get comfortable using a Bow Release, as I have always shot with my fingers. So I dug out my very first Compound Bow that I ever bought in 1982 when I was 19 years old! This relic of a Bow, has not seen daylight in over 30 years!
Default 1
Talk about waking up a Dinosaur! Anybody that knows me, knows that I truly dig old, vintage things in general. Well this is definitely a “blast from my past”…….
Default 2
Default 1
Default 2
It is in outstanding condition and has a 70lb pull-weight…….. And I do believe I will kill a buck or two with it this season……..37 years later! Hope you enjoy this little video –

NJ Flathead Fishing Adventure – Night moves on the Delaware River

The infamous, invasive Flathead Catfish. Some hate it, some love it. Personally it has always been quite the River Monster that has always piqued my interest. So when one of the members from the NJ Fishing
Facebook page;, John Fasanello invited me, hell… no wasn`t even an option!
Plans were made to rendezvous at 9pm and head down to the Delaware River to begin our all-night, “Johnnie Cat – Shovelhead” fishing adventure. It was a perfect, cool-air late August night. As the temperature had dropped into the low 60`s, the chilly air indicated Summer was fading away.
John had wrangled up some live Sunnies earlier in the afternoon to use as bait, as live bait generally works best when trying to entice one of these river monsters to “dine” from the dark depths of the Delaware. He was using 40lb mono on his set-ups while I went with 65lb braid on mine. My gracious host supplied the “No-roll” sinkers with 8/0 Gamakatsu Circle Hooks as well. We got all set up and John explained how he hooked the entire Sunny from eye-to-eye then snipped off a piece of the tail in order to slow them down and get some blood in the water.
Now we were fishing…………
At 10:40 John yelled, “Hey you`ve got some action!” – So I hustled back over to our poles! I could hear the line peeling off the reel! “That is most definitely a Flat” he exclaimed, “A Channel Cat won`t act that way” – I picked up the rod and could instantaneously feel a very heavy fish tugging down deep. I began to tighten the drag in order to set the hook, which basically means just reeling in when using circle hooks. I reeled up and felt a huge fish dive deep! Fish on! I continued to work the monster for several minutes in the dark water……then……….Fish off. Ughhhhhhhhhh! “Man that felt like a nice one” I said to John. He replied, “Ahhhhhhh sometimes they just don`t get hooked quite right…..try it again!” –
We talked for hours sitting along the river and he explained how he had became infatuated with Flatheads over the years and how delicious they were as table fare. I had read that they were very good eating and that they actually tasted a bit different than a regular Channel or Bullhead Catfish. With that thought in mind, I most certainly had hoped to have the pleasure of introducing my knife to one of these river monster Flatheads.
Later in the night, my reel began to peel once again! I picked up the rod, smiled and said to John, “This one can swallow it!” – John watched the line and said, “That might be a Channel Ken……not really running like a Flat” – Then I literally felt nothing…….almost like I was hung up. John asked, “Do you feel him? Is he pulling at all?” – I said, “No…… I don`t feel a damn thing now” – I waited a few minutes to see what would happen…… nothing. I said, “Dammit….he must`ve dropped it I guess” and started to reel in………… WOW!!!! Fish on baby!!! Holy cow!!! Apparently he had grabbed the Sunny and just laid there eating it! I pulled back as the beast dove deep into the rocks or debris. He actually felt like he was trying to bury himself right in the rocks! A very strong fish indeed! This was awesome!!!
John shined a light in the water as the beast got closer………all of the sudden we saw the murky, brownish Flathead coming up from the depths of the Delaware! John said, “Walk it back Ken and I`ll grab it as you get it closer!” – With that the monster was rolling right at the edge of the water and he grabbed the beast by the mouth and hoisted it to shore!
Certainly a monster fish to me as this was the biggest freshwater fish I had ever landed……15lbs of Flathead fightin` fun!
Default 1
Default 1
A couple hours later, I landed a really nice Channel Catfish. Probably went about 5 or 6lbs. Perfect eating size! We finally called it a night(morning! haha!) at around 4:15am…. John said, “Ya know I`m usually the one that catches the fish when I bring somebody out with me not the other way around Ken!” — Both laughing I replied, “Ahhhhhhh…..beginner`s luck!” – I offered both of my fish to my gracious host and he said, “Absolutely not, you have to take home your first Flathead” and I said, “Well then the least ya can do is take my Channel Cat John” – That he agreed to and we hiked out of the forrest in that chilly morning air.
Default 5
I rolled in about 5:30am on the nose, iced down the Flathead, took to pups out(caught hell from Sharon cause I stayed out all night! haha!), took a quick shower and went to bed to catch a little shut-eye for a few hours.
Got up around 10 and planned on filleting my catch as Sharon said she would cook it for my supper later that night when she got home from work. (By the way, she is a fantastic cook……she won`t eat whatever I drag home, but she always prepares a gourmet meal no matter what it is!)
So I began filleting the beast of a fish…….
Default 9
Default 10
Default 12
Default 13
This is the belly meat of the Flathead. 
Default 15
Default 16
Trimming off the red meat.
Default 18
Trimming up the belly meat using my electric fillet knife.
Default 20
Default 2
Default 3
Then Sharon worked her magic……….
Default 5
Ready to ride the oil!
Default 1
Default 2
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Supper is served!
It was deeeeeeeelicious! If you like eating fish, you`ll love a fresh piece of Flathead Catfish!
And to me, that`s what fishing is all about…….. making new Friends and learning from each other.
What great night on the river…….. Thanks again John. Really enjoyed the company.

Moonlight Bass bustin` at Midnight in my `Yak

“Sometimes the night calls and taunts me into the darkness” – 
Anyone that fishes out of a kayak will most certainly tell you how exciting it is. The thrill of landing that first fish in your Yak is absolutely awesome and will definitely have you “hooked” for sure.
However, I occasionally like to add another “twist” to my `Yak excursions…… The element of darkness.
To launch in the solitude of the night, by only the light of the moon, takes things to an entirely different level.
By the way, just for the record, I`m not advocating ANY beginners or kayak “newbies” to try this at all. It is entirely a different level of kayaking and can be dangerous obviously.
So last night I got that “itch” and decided to scratch it at 11pm, loaded up the Yak and trekked off into the darkness. I also wanted to try out my new lucky charm that Sharon brought back from her trip to New Orleans last week. A very cool Voo-Doo Gator Claw rope necklace that the `ol Cajun Lady told her would bring me good luck and help me get my “MoJo” on when I`m fishing.
Default 3
The air temperature read 57 degrees in the 4Runner as I launched the Yak just before midnight in the peculiarly cool, August night air. I took two set-ups; a baitcaster and spinning reel as well. While I prefer to use a baitcaster reel, I always bring a spinning rod set-up in case I get a really bad birds-nest out in the dark. Remember…… I use no lights when I do this. I use a top-water Booyah Jr. Frog and a top-water mouse as my night time lure arsenal.
I paddled through the thick vegetation, strategically glancing for openings against the moon glow on the water. I began working the frog and on the third cast had a blow-up…….. and missed. When you work a frog in the daytime, obviously it`s all visual, however at night, you have to use another sense as well…….your hearing.
Working the frog, I changed my retrieve to a much more subtle, slower twitch-retrieve action. I watched it closely as it skittered across the dim lit, dark water…….BAM! Fish on! I landed my first Greenback of the night.
Default 4
At one point, I heard a couple of coyotes howling off in the distance. Yes the night was indeed very peaceful…… maybe even with a touch of eeriness in the air.
I continued to work my away around the lake, searching for brush and blow-down silhouttes, as I tried to keep my bearings in the dim light. Shortly thereafter, I worked this small cove with the mouse on the baitcaster set-up…….. BAM!! What an explosion! Fish on! And a Hawg at that! This felt like a solid Bass indeed so I went for the net and scooped him up. Too bad my night time photography skills weren`t up to snuff though! hahaha! As I cut a big part of him off!
Default 3
*I have huge hands…. look at the size of the head compared to my big “paws”! Damn wish I could`ve gotten a better picture! 
While I can swim like a mink, I also should note this, I sit on two PFD cushions and also had on a small Onyx M Series Belt Pack Manual Inflatable Life Jacket(Amazon; $56) –

Default 7
The fine night of fishing continued as I landed yet another nice Bass on the frog
One more Hawg capped off the night at 2:45am…….(And once again, my pictures skilled need honing for night time!) 
Default 10
All in all, a fine night chasing Greenbacks under the moonlight in my Yak. Please be very careful if you venture out and choose to try this.
Thanks for checkin` it out!  Ken-
Till next time…..

Chasing Esox in the hot, dog-days of August – and a few tips.

When it comes to fishing, we all have our particular preferences in regards to what we like to target obviously.
As for me, well I like to chase fish with teeth. Whether it be Pike, Muskies, Snakeheads, Bowfins, Walleye or even Pickerel….. as long as it has teeth, I`m more than interested.
So the other day I loaded up my Yak at daybreak, stopped for a cup of joe and then made my way down to one of my fave fishing haunts……. The Passaic River to have a go at some Northern Pike.
The forecast was calling for the typical hot-as-hell, dog-day in August. So my plan was to hit the river early and call it quits by mid-morning.
I had set up two rod and reels, one with a spinnerbait and the other with a chatterbait which I like to use with my old baitcaster reel.
The morning started out like a ball of fire………well……sort of. See in the first twenty minutes, I flipped and lost three decent pike! Sometimes this happens……. they will swat and miss and not get hooked solidly. But I knew what to do.
Default 4
*You can buy these right at your local Walmart.
And since several of you out there asked me questions in regards to type of line, what kind of leaders etc. I made this little short helpful clip to answer your questions. I think you will get some answers here Gang;
After setting up the Trailer Hooks, it was game on! I landed a several decent ones right off the bat –
Default 2
Default 1
**One thing that I would like to emphasize if you are going to try for Northern Pike, Pickerel or Muskies in the dead of Summer is this; If you plan on practicing catch-n-release, you will have a very short window as to how long you can actually have them out of the water. I would say three minutes at best. Any longer and odds are they won`t revive properly. The warm air/water combo is very difficult for them, especially the larger fish…….(I have done this a countless number of times and all of the fish in the pictures above swam away. No problem.)
Heck even a few “youngsters” jumped on! Which is a great sign that they are flourishing nicely in the river thanks Craig Lemon and Crew of NJ Fish & Wildlife at the Hackettstown Fish Hatchery.
Default 4
I also was fortunate enough to see a beautiful Barred Owl whil paddling down the river! I literally paddled right under this beautiful bird as she watched me with a close eye! *Watch this video I shot;
All in all, a fine day on the river indeed as I ended up with five Northern Pike and a LargeMouth Bass.
Hope the tips helped out and thanks for checking it out.
Till next time…….
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Wranglin` Red-Eyes and Bronzebacks with Dennis and a Masked Man at the Valley

After spending the last couple nights chasing Hybrids on Spruce Run, bowfishing for carp in the dark in my Yak and having a go at Muskies the night before, my “batteries” were running a little low. It had been a long and tiring week. So when my good friend Dennis Peterson wanted to fish for Rockbass and Smallmouths at Round Valley on Saturday, I wasn`t really feeling it or perhaps I should re-phrase that……… my bad back definitely wasn`t feeling up to it at all when Saturday morning rolled around. After three major back surgeries, my back does tend to get a tad achy after sitting and standing for any prolonged periods. But I always like to keep my word when someone asks me to do something. So Dennis picked me up at 9am and off we went to Round Valley Reservoir.
We started throwing Keitechs right off the bat and started landing numerous Red-Eyes(Rockbass) –
Default 1
And a few really nice ones at that!
And if you have never fished for Rockbass, definitely give this highly underated fish a try! Heck Dennis was even using a nice, light fly-rod with a popper and having good action from these fiesty little devils. They are a lot of fun to catch.
Then we got in to some really nice Smallmouth Bass using our Ultra-Light spinning reel set-ups. And a fighting Bronzeback is a lot of fun to catch!
Default 5
Dennis nailed this beautiful Smallie shortly thereafter!
*Once again, I was inkäɡˈnēdō at Round Valley, sporting my RodFather cap representing my friend Vincent Santroni Jr`s South Jersey Fishing Group and website;
Default 2
Dennis had a nice “Delicacy” on board his vessel too and asked if I`d care to dine on some fine tasting Smoked Bluefish for a nice little lunch. “I`ll tell ya what, it was absolutely out of this world Gang!” – Our mutual friend, Vince Giordano smoked it using maple syrup and I have to find out what else he used. It was simply the best bluefish that I have ever ate. Then we washed it down with nice, fresh, ripe watermelon!
All in all, it was a fine day indeed on RVR as we ended up with probably over one hundred Rockbass and a slew of fiesty Smallmouth Bass. Thanks to my gracious Host, for great day on the water!
Default 5
Till next time…..
See all of my adventures at;

That`s a wrap….2019 NJ Spring Turkey Season ends.

The 2019 NJ Spring Turkey Season ended this past Friday on a very windy day. Weather-wise, it was the coldest Spring Gobbler season that I`ve experienced. Usually by the third week in(“C” week), I`m wearing thin coveralls and a very light shirt, as the Springtime air warms up. Not this past season. I wore long-johns on quite a few mornings and my insulated pants right up until last Friday.
I always try to learn or teach myself something new and this Turkey season, lo and behold, I finally figured out how to use a diaphragm mouth call. Definitely adding a different dimension to my Turkey Calling “Repertoire” – Matter of fact that first morning, I “talked a little Tom” then that `ol Gobbler talked to my Browning.
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And my beautiful girlfriend kindly prepared a meal fit for a King that very next evening. I have to tell you all, that was the moistest, tender Turkey that I have ever had in my entire life. I could literally cut it with just a fork! *Figured if any of you wanted to know how Sharon prepared it it, I`d let her tell you right here;
This is Sharon, ” I marinated it in lemon and garlic marinade. I used basting oil from Wegmans(where I work) to coat it. I let it marinate for about 1 1/2 hours then I let it sit out for an hour at room temperature. Next I use foil on a pan and wrap the turkey in the foil, keeping the turkey in the marinade with the foil wrapped around it loosely.(this helps keep the moisture in) – Then I cook the breasts in a convention oven at 360 for 1 hour and 45 minutes.
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Then things took a turn….and things got a little tough hunting-wise as I only heard two gobbles over a period of two and a half weeks. I tried numerous places that had always had birds in the past…….nothing.
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Between the cold, rainy weather and little to no gobbling, things were rather bleak, to say the least  –
But it`s Turkey hunting……. and your obsession continues to push you to get up morning after morning at 4am in your quest for `ol Tom Gobbler. And regardless of what your weather app is forecasting, you`re still going. You can`t help it. You just have too.
In the third week(“C)” I planned on calling for my buddy Jeff, who was just trying his hand at turkey hunting for the first time. That was an exciting morning as I called in a huge Coyote! I got a little too hasty and rolled the `Dawg in the dirt at about twenty-five yards, rather than let him walk in closer whereas we could`ve put two guns on him. We searched for him for a good hour and a half, but the brush was way too thick and green. But I`m quite sure `ol Wile E. Coyote did indeed take a dirt nap that morning.
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It really seemed like there were fewer and fewer birds as compared to the last several Turkey Seasons. Perhaps it was a combination of the elements…..cold, rainy ……. maybe this disturbed the hen nesting process? Maybe there is an over abundance of Coyotes and other predators? Whatever the reason, definitely heard the least amount of birds in recent years.
Did manage to “croon” in a Gobbler later that week with a few tunes on my Pot-Calls…….
The Last Week……..Thunderstorms and Tom Turkey.
The thunderstorms were absurd that last morning that I hunted in “D” week! At one point, I actually ran out of the blind to sit in the 4Runner, that`s how bad it was. But later in the morning the storms blew out and I worked my 1958 Lynch 102 Box Call and fired up a Gobbler way down the hill. Within an hour, I worked him into my area……. then it was lights out as he met the Browning.
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That ended my Turkey Season on a fine note………. Well…….actually Sharon ended it with another fabulous Wild Turkey Supper that night!
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Till next time…..
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