My Next Canoe… or is it a Kayak?

I was perusing something on-line last night, when all of the sudden, a Facebook Marketplace kayak “match-alert” popped up on my phone. Lo and behold, when I clicked it this peculiar vessel appeared. I almost clicked out because it was a canoe….’er so I thought. See I always have the alerts set for a used sit-on-top Yak hoping to find one at a decent price….. but that never happens because everyone that’s selling one, thinks their “used Yak” are worth their weight in gold or something.

After reading about the Old Town New Canoe, I learned that it was actually a Canoe and Kayak Hybrid. An open hull design which offers the storage of a canoe, yet maintains the maneuverability of a kayak. So it`s like a sit-in Yak, but the difference is it`s entirely open. Which is what always appealed to me with the sit-on-top Yaks. The open-ness. The stability will also be excellent like a kayak, due to the center seating arrangement. And there was another very intriguing factor…… the specs. The overall length is 13 feet, my old Yak is 12 feet. The width is dead identical at 29 inches to my old Yak. The weight is exactly 59 pounds, which is the same the weight of the Yak. This has been a big concern while looking at new Yaks, as I`m not suppose to be throwing a hundred pounds over my head since that massive heart attack I suffered 4 years ago.

So you can easily put a cooler, bait bucket, rain gear etc. in this awesome boat. Probably my one beef I have with fishing out of a kayak is having to reach behind to get to the tackle bag or fishing rod. With the NEXT canoe, there is ample room to lay the tackle bag and rods in front for easy access.

The gentleman that I bought it from today actually bought it Brand New in 2017…… and never ever put it in the water! After having had serious hand/elbow surgery, he never felt confident about taking this out, so he put it away in storage with the sellers/manufacturers tags left on it! It`s literally Brand New!


Glad I decided to read about this Lemongrass colored canoe……because it turned out to be a
“Gem-of-Deal” that I had hoped to find.

See ya on the water in my New Canoe!