NJ Black Bear “Season” – A lot of Bears at Ken Beam`s last week!

NJ Black Bear “Season” is underway…….at our house that is!
Yep….. we had quite the action-packed week of NJ Black Bear Sightings at the house this past week.
Just for the record, I do not bear hunt, however I don`t have a problem with anyone that does.
I just never had to desire to take a bear……
The only “Shooting” that I do when it comes to Bears, is I just shooting them with my cameras!
On Wednesday May 6th, I got up early to do a litle scoutin` for turkeys before work, as I planned on sitting
the next morning for those “ThunderChickens” – I came home around 7:45am and as I walked on the back patio, I glanced up in the woods and did a double-take! There was a huge Black Bear lying only twenty-five yards off of my back wall! “Was it asleep?” After watching the big bruin lay there for about ten minutes, finally he/she got up………. and I could see that the bear was injured. It walked about twenty yards and slumped up against a tree…….sitting on his butt. I never saw a bear just sit randomly sit on his butt. He was holding his left paw/leg in the air as it appeared broken/or fractured.
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I cautiously crept up by walking on rocks, to within twenty yards of the monster bear, that I guessed had weighed somewhere around 4-500lbs. I called the local police and explained the situation and why I was concerned. I said to the dispatcher, “I`m sure you get hundreds of NJ Black Bear sightings daily and I`m not calling just because I see a bear in my yard, I`m calling you because this bear is actually hurt and that I was concerned whom may possibly cross-paths and come into contact with this bear in the wilderness” –
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With that, she sent an officer to my house. Upon arrival the officer said, “Wow……. that is a big bear”. He also told me that some local sheep were killed just this past week, by a bear just down the road and that this may possibly be that very same bear. So he called NJ Division of Fish & Game and their response was simply this; “Unless you know specifically that this particular bear is responsible for those killings, we`re not all that concerned about this one” – They also said, “An injured bear such as this, can heal within three to four weeks” –
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I explained my concerned was simply the possibility that anyone hiking/walking back could indeed come upon upon this monster.
I told them that I`m a turkey hunter and that I could easily walk up on this monster while walking to my stand in the dark.
*All of the picture below where taken the week of May 4th. Notice the dates/times on the bottom of each photo. Enjoy these amazing pictures.
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I spoke to my Mother the other day on the phone after I sent her these latest pictures,
Her response after seeing this pictures;  “You couldn`t pay me to live there with all of those bears!”
 NJ Black Bear Season is here………. and my cameras are on hand and ready to shoot some bears!
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4 thoughts on “NJ Black Bear “Season” – A lot of Bears at Ken Beam`s last week!”

  1. NJ Outdoors Adventures With Ken | NJ Black Bear “Season” – A lot of Bears at Ken Beam`s last week!Thanks for pic Ken We see a bear this time of the year and not in the fall(Maries Ann Corner) just a little south for them. Thanks

  2. Love these pictures of the Bears. I know I would be very careful when stepping out side. I worry about snakes here, so watch where I step. Think would rather see the Bears instead of snakes. Really enjoy, keep them coming.

    1. Hello there…..”So are you baiting them then?”…… At our house?? We have four small dogs…. Are you crazy?
      As for “Allowing hunters on your property to kill them?”……..While I am a hunter…. I have no interest in bear hunting whatsoever for what that`s worth. I only shoot them with a camera……Now…. as for bear hunting in general, I don`t have any issues with those that choose to do so.
      The bear population has to be controlled. I presume you`re an anti-hunter……. which again, is your choice….and I have no issues with that either.
      However, I can guarantee that the dynamics of the conversation would be quite different if your child, your pet or possibly even yourself was attacked or maimed by a black bear. Actually…… more than likely it wouldn`t even be a conversation. Ken-

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