NJ Fishing – Ken Beam uses “Wonder Bread” fishing at Merrill Creek

It was a hot, muggy Summertime morning as I made my way out to Merrill Creek Reservoir. The forecast was off and on showers with heavy thunderstorms predicted late in the afternoon. Typical Summertime weather in New Jersey.
So I figured I`d try something a little different that morning, as I hadn`t used this one in quite awhile…..
“Wonder Bread”
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Well now not exactly that kind of Wonder Bread!
But you`ll see why the lure is named that.
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As I made my way out through the thick fog that morning, I came upon quite the sight!
Two Bald Eagle “dining” on a dead deer along the water`s edge! My Go PRO`s case had a little moisture
in it and it made the pictures too foggy. But what an amazing sight as I paddled up very close to them.
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On only my second cast of the morning, this nice Bass
jumped on the “Bread”!
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A nice `Hawg to start off the morning indeed!
As a I worked my way around the dead, submerged trees, it wasn`t long…..BAM! Fish on! Swore it was another `Hawg Bass, as he demostrated his acrobatic-abilities, breaking water and getting air-bound about
thirty yards away from the `Yak.
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Boy was I wrong……… it was a nice size Chain Pickerel!
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Like that Largemouth earlier, he too enjoyed the “Bread” that I was serving!
I managed to wrangle up another really nice “Chain-side” about an hour later, as I kept “serving” the “Bread”.
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Turn up those speakers and enjoy the Video of the day`s adventure:
So in a nutshell,…………….. always remember to bring your “Bread” when you`re out and about!
Till next time…………

4 thoughts on “NJ Fishing – Ken Beam uses “Wonder Bread” fishing at Merrill Creek”

  1. NJ Outdoors Adventures With Ken | NJ Fishing – Ken Beam uses “Wonder Bread” fishing at Merrill CreekThanks for sharing your Wonder Bread adventure nice catch Now I must buy one!

    1. Sure Black Dog …… You can get `em on eBay. Just type in “Wonder Bread Bomber” in the search bar on eBay and they`ll show up!

  2. I used to take my son (Joe Sutton) fishing using bread as bate on the hook(didn’t like worms) the bread would fall off and sink.
    Joe had fun, my mom laughed at us and we had a good time.
    When Joe got older he used the right kind of bate and put it on the hook by himself. So he remembers mon tried.

    Good story ken.

    1. Hi Pat! Glad you enjoyed my story. I have certainly caught plenty of trout on actual bread in my younger days down on the river in Califon.

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