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NJ Fishing – Ken Beam uses “Wonder Bread” fishing at Merrill Creek

It was a hot, muggy Summertime morning as I made my way out to Merrill Creek Reservoir. The forecast was off and on showers with heavy thunderstorms predicted late in the afternoon. Typical Summertime weather in New Jersey.
So I figured I`d try something a little different that morning, as I hadn`t used this one in quite awhile…..
“Wonder Bread”
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Well now not exactly that kind of Wonder Bread!
But you`ll see why the lure is named that.
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As I made my way out through the thick fog that morning, I came upon quite the sight!
Two Bald Eagle “dining” on a dead deer along the water`s edge! My Go PRO`s case had a little moisture
in it and it made the pictures too foggy. But what an amazing sight as I paddled up very close to them.
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On only my second cast of the morning, this nice Bass
jumped on the “Bread”!
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A nice `Hawg to start off the morning indeed!
As a I worked my way around the dead, submerged trees, it wasn`t long…..BAM! Fish on! Swore it was another `Hawg Bass, as he demostrated his acrobatic-abilities, breaking water and getting air-bound about
thirty yards away from the `Yak.
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Boy was I wrong……… it was a nice size Chain Pickerel!
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Like that Largemouth earlier, he too enjoyed the “Bread” that I was serving!
I managed to wrangle up another really nice “Chain-side” about an hour later, as I kept “serving” the “Bread”.
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Turn up those speakers and enjoy the Video of the day`s adventure:
So in a nutshell,…………….. always remember to bring your “Bread” when you`re out and about!
Till next time…………