A NJ Goose Hunting Adventure

My phone rang last Friday night around 8:30pm and it was my buddy Curt. He said, “Hey feel like doin` a little Goose Hunting tomorrow?” – I said, “Sure….. if ya called earlier I would`ve gotten some shells” – Curt replied laughing, “I got ya covered,….. see ya at 6am”
Now goose hunting is something I never tried and I did want to try out my new Browning A5 as I only got a chance to use it twice this past Spring while turkey hunting. I thought, “Ahhhh……what the hell…… Curt`s got shells……. Let`s have a go at it!”
So I met him at the spot that next morning which is public hunting land. I pulled in just minutes before Curt got there. Then another couple of goose hunters pulled in the lot right next to his truck. Now we got out after they pulled in and figured they would at least have the courtesy of asking where we had planned to hunt, since we were there obviously first. Seemed like just a common courtesy doesn`t it? Well, these two jumped out of their car, not even acknowledging us, and started rifling out their blinds and decoys out of the trunk, like it was a race to get out there. 
Curt was pissed and just said, “Screw it…… let`s go somewhere else, away from these a-holes”
We circled around to another field about a mile or so away, and all of the sudden we could see these two guys hustling across the field wearing their headlamps! We started laughing as we couldn`t understand why the hell they parked where they did in order to walk all the way across these fields! 
Curt said, “The hell with them, let`s go back where I originally wanted to take us as we won`t be anywhere near them!”
So we did just that. Went back to our original spot, grabbed our guns and decoys and made our way out into the darkness across several fields. 
Got the decoys all set up in the field, cleared out a couple spots in the hedgerow as the idea was to have the geese fly across the field into the decoys as Curt called.
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After waiting for about an hour or so, the first flock appeared heading right towards us but too high.
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Then a few more flocks kicked up in the next hour and a half, but none came our way. 
I have to admit, I did find it pretty exciting to hear and see various flocks of geese getting up! Definitely got my blood pumping! Then another flock was veering off to our left and Curt started calling them…….
 The flock turned in our direction! Curt said, “They`re not real close but let`s let them fly over the trees and get by us” – And that`s just what we did…… And Curt went, “Now!” – His 10 gauge and my Browning 12 gauge rang in that cold morning air as we fired away at the flock, knocking down just one goose out of the sky. Curt said, Hey it wasn`t real close shooting, but we got one”  
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Even though we only got one, it was certainly a very enjoyable morning of goose hunting. As we made our way back to the trucks, Curt graciously said, “Ken you take that goose since you`ve never had one to eat”
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“I was pretty eager to get my knife to breast-out that Canadian Honker when I got home!”
Sharon prepared the goose the next day and slow-cooked it for seven hours on low and one hour on high in a CrockPot. Now she won`t usually eat any of my “Wild Cuisine” that I bring home, but as I said before, she is always more than willing to cook whatever it may be! (Lucky guy ain`t I?!) –
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That goose tasted exactly like roast beef and it was so tender! She cooked potatoes, green beans and onions with it. Everything was absolutely delicious! If you would like to know exactly what she used to season it, just ask me on here and I`ll get all of the details for you. 
Yep……… my kinda supper! Complimented with a nice, ice cold PBR! Perfect. 
Till next time…..

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  1. Hello Ken, I would like to know your recipe if you don’t mind. I have a few goose breasts in the freezer I want to cook and this looks great. Thanks, Tom

    1. Hi Tom – Sure! Here`s Sharon;

      I took the Goose breasts and rinsed them real well. Then smothered them in Wegmans Organic basting oil (if you dont have this just skip this step, or you could use butter). I cut up potatoes, onions, green beans and carrots. I put the veggies on the bottom of the crockpot and added the meat on top, add onion powder, garlic powder and pepper to the meat. Put a few veggies on top of the meat as well and pour Chicken or Beef stock/broth 16 ounces over the meat/veggies. Let cook for 7 hours on low 1 hour on high. You can make gravy by taking the drippings from the crockpot after cooking and putting it on the stove and adding flour (stirring constantly) until it thickens.

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