See what Katy-did. The Adventure of a little bug.

Ok ok…… yea I know what you`re probably thinking. “Come on Ken…… We`ve heard of “writer`s block” but a story about a bug? Seriously? Seems like you`re lacking a little bit content-wise with this one buddy!” –   
However, I assure you this is unlike any other story that you could ever imagine about a little bug……..
a Katydid. So that being said……..
Once upon a time there was a little bug named Katy….and this is what she did.
Last Tuesday morning I was in a rush as I had a meeting at work. Hastily I gave Sharon a kiss, petted the pups and walked out in that beautiful, warm Summer morning air. As I walked to the car and put my attache case in the back seat, the nice slight breeze put a smile on my face.   
I jumped in and started up the car……..backed down the driveway…….As I stopped at the end of the driveway to look for on-going traffic, I looked in the side mirror and said, “Hmmmmm….. look at that bug” –  There she was perched on the inside of my mirror almost like she was looking at me. 
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I took my usual routine drive to Dunkin` Donuts for my morning cup of joe up off of Rte. 31 and as I pulled up to place my order, there was “Katy” still sitting tight inside the mirror. When I pulled up to the window to get my coffee, the girl reached out and almost dropped it when she saw my “passenger” on the mirror! She gasped “Ewwwwwww I hate bugs! That thing is huge!” What is it?” We both started laughing as I explained that I had just driven seven miles and the bug stayed on the mirror! 
Now coffee in hand, I headed back out on 31 and made my way to Rte. 78. As I balanced the hot cup of java, I turned on E Street Radio as I steered onto Rte. 78. Bruce ripped into The Promised Land as I cruised at 70 miles per hour and sang along. I gradually made my way into the left lane and glanced into the side mirror and couldn`t believe what I saw…… The magical Katydid was now clinging onto the top of the mirror in the open air! As if she was surfing in the air, clutching happily as I sped down 78 to Bruce`s lyrics. I laughed out loud as I couldn`t for the life of me figure out how the hell this bug was possibly still on that mirror!   
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I pulled into the dealership at 8:50am and yep! The Katydid still sat on top of that mirror as I got out of the car. I snickered a little bit, shook my head and said, “Welcome to Summit Katy……guess this will be your new home” – 
Or so I thought.
Later that day around 2 o`clock, I went out for a cup of coffee. Walked out to my car and yep, you guessed it. My passenger was still hanging out right on that mirror where she was when I arrived earlier that morning. Now I started to have a conversation with the bug…….. “Hey bug….don`t you have to eat or drink or something?” HaHa! Right then one of my colleagues walked out and I called him over to show him “Katy” – I explained how this crazy little green bug rode all the way from Port Murray to Summit. Ohhhhhhhhh…….I forgot to mention how far away that is…….. 52 miles one way!!!! 
Now you`re starting to see why this was indeed turning into quite the adventure gang!
As my day ends, I walked back out to head home, lo and behold little Katy was still relaxing on the mirror. I said, “Little bug I`m sure this is where we`ll part as friends, as I highly doubt you`ll ride all the way home” -( jesus christ….. now I`m talking to bugs!!
Boy… about eating your own words. Katy sat right on top of that mirror and enjoyed the whipping wind as we drove all the way home. Now I was puzzled and amazed all at the same time. How the hell could this little bug stayed on the mirror all day? When I got home, I texted Sharon and told her about this magical little bug. Her response was, “Are you sure it`s not dead? HaHa!”  –  
Wednesday morning – I looked at the mirror as I approach the car…… No Katy……”Guess she finally flew away” I thought to myself. I got in the car, put in reverse, start backing up and stop immediately! What the hell???
I couldn`t believe it…….. The Katydid was now on the passenger side mirror! I started laughing my ass off…….. Now all I needed was Rod Serling to show up and say “Ken…. you`ve just entered the Twilight Zone”-HaHaHa! I couldn`t believe this! 
Same routine as the day before, grabbed a coffee and away we went back down Rte. 78. And yep, there was Katy on top of that mirror riding the wind again. 
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It was like deja vu all over again. She stayed on that mirror again, all the way from Port Murray to Summit.
As you can see, that is the parking lot of Douglas INFINITI. Folks…… you can`t make this up!!  
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Later Wednesday afternoon, I went up to 7-Eleven to get a drink. When I got back in my car, the window was down on the passenger side. This guy parked right next to me, walked towards his car and saw the bug on my mirror. “Damnnnnnnnnnnn!……. That`s a big-ass Grasshopper on your mirror man! I started laughing and proceeded to tell him how the bug had been on my car for over 150 miles! He couldn`t believe it and said, “I gotta take some pictures of that Grasshopper for my kids!” and with that he took out his phone and snapped a few. ( As you can see the 7-Eleven sign in my mirror and Aston Martin across the street)
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Later that evening, I trekked back home and the little Katydid rode that mirror all the way back to Port Murray. In two days, that little bug rode over 230 miles. What`s truly amazing is the fact that the little bug started her journey in Port Murray and it ended there as well. On Thursday morning, I went out to my car and she was gone………and I never saw her again. 
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They say a Katydid only lives two or three months……….but I think that little bug lived a lifetime in just two days. 
Maybe that was the message of this whole adventure…..Being mindful of our own mortality is the key to making us realize the importance of the moment. 

Carpe Diem – “Seize the Day”……To make the most of our current time. 

And that`s exactly what Katy-Did.

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  1. Great story and believable for sure. I had a gecko in Florida
    On my cars hood near the windshield actually road about a
    mile down the road with me. Was funny cause it was holding on with all its might, at least I thought it was. I parked went in for my appt.., came out and thank goodness he had found better surroundings. A little larger than your grasshopper. Loved ur story u should write a ? book the Kady that went on a two day journey.

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