Wranglin` Red-Eyes and Bronzebacks with Dennis and a Masked Man at the Valley

After spending the last couple nights chasing Hybrids on Spruce Run, bowfishing for carp in the dark in my Yak and having a go at Muskies the night before, my “batteries” were running a little low. It had been a long and tiring week. So when my good friend Dennis Peterson wanted to fish for Rockbass and Smallmouths at Round Valley on Saturday, I wasn`t really feeling it or perhaps I should re-phrase that……… my bad back definitely wasn`t feeling up to it at all when Saturday morning rolled around. After three major back surgeries, my back does tend to get a tad achy after sitting and standing for any prolonged periods. But I always like to keep my word when someone asks me to do something. So Dennis picked me up at 9am and off we went to Round Valley Reservoir.
We started throwing Keitechs right off the bat and started landing numerous Red-Eyes(Rockbass) –
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And a few really nice ones at that!
And if you have never fished for Rockbass, definitely give this highly underated fish a try! Heck Dennis was even using a nice, light fly-rod with a popper and having good action from these fiesty little devils. They are a lot of fun to catch.
Then we got in to some really nice Smallmouth Bass using our Ultra-Light spinning reel set-ups. And a fighting Bronzeback is a lot of fun to catch!
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Dennis nailed this beautiful Smallie shortly thereafter!
*Once again, I was inkäɡˈnēdō at Round Valley, sporting my RodFather cap representing my friend Vincent Santroni Jr`s South Jersey Fishing Group and website;  http://www.rodfatherbass.com
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Dennis had a nice “Delicacy” on board his vessel too and asked if I`d care to dine on some fine tasting Smoked Bluefish for a nice little lunch. “I`ll tell ya what, it was absolutely out of this world Gang!” – Our mutual friend, Vince Giordano smoked it using maple syrup and I have to find out what else he used. It was simply the best bluefish that I have ever ate. Then we washed it down with nice, fresh, ripe watermelon!
All in all, it was a fine day indeed on RVR as we ended up with probably over one hundred Rockbass and a slew of fiesty Smallmouth Bass. Thanks to my gracious Host, for great day on the water!
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Till next time…..
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