The Fisherman magazine publishes Ken Beam`s Musky Adventure

Ever seen this magazine at your local Quick Check, WaWa, Krauzers or other convenience store?
Well if you do, pick up the December issue……… You might recognize the Hat on page 20!
 Every year I like to challenge myself a bit, and I try to have one of my articles published in a outdoors magazine. I`m very excited and proud to tell you that The Fisherman magazine published my Musky Adventure story!
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I want to send a special “Thank You” to the Managing Editor of the magazine, Jim Hutchinson, for corresponding with me and guiding me on the article. I can`t thank him enough…….. Jim this really made my roller-coaster year very special indeed! 
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I hope you all can pick up a copy and let me know what you think!
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4 thoughts on “The Fisherman magazine publishes Ken Beam`s Musky Adventure”

    1. Hiya Patrick — I don`t think you can find it out there. But! Here`s a link to the Fisherman Magazine and you can order
      it right through them;

      **They even have a Trial Issue;

      **But I`d give them a ring at; 631-345-5200 and tell them you want to buy one copy. Let me know if you get it ok??

      If not, I`ll grab ya a copy & send it your way. Just email me your address at

  1. I just bought a house on mountain lake NJ I’m looking forward to getting out to do some fishing. I hope to hook up like I saw you did. How is the fishing there I don’t know but I saw your 6min vid it looks good and the area looks nice but I have not seen much first hand yet. What is your opinion bud? Thanks Shawn

    1. Hiya Shawn – Congratulations on your new home! It`s great fishing up there(well…. then again, I tend to say about anywhere as long as the fish are co-operating! Haha!) – I`m sure we`ll cross paths as I only live about ten miles from there. Please do say “Hi” and introduce yourself if you happen to see me.

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