Quail Huntin` with Ken Beam & Curt Ryder in South Jersey – NJ Bobwhite hunting

Saturday was a just a perfect morning to hunt Quail down in Greenwood Forrest…… Well…….. that is when we finally got there! 
Met Curt at 5am to trek down into South Jersey by daybreak…… with one problem. The ramp to the Parkway South was closed! Curt said, “Ahhhhhhh…… no biggie…… we`ll just go through the old neighborhood(where he grew up) and jump on 35 to the Parkway” – Well after going through the Amboys, as we approached the entrance to the entrance ramp to the Parkway……. guess what? CLOSED! So Curt cracked out the GPS and we ended up taking Rte. 9 all the way to Lakehurst. Definitely threw a wrench in getting there at daybreak! 
By the time we stopped and had our ritual WaWa breakfast sandwiches, it was right before 8am when we finally went afield. But luckily for us, we had `ol Jake and he`s one heck of a English Pointer. Doesn`t always hunt that close to us, but man, does he ever find birds. And with the light breeze that morning, `ol Jake had ideal scenting conditions. 
It wasn`t long before Jake had his first point of the day and Curt got the first Bobwhite of the morning.

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Here`s the Go PRO video I shot of the day`s adventure down in Greenwood Forrest……. Lot`s of good action here! 
Another memorable day hunting with Curt and Jake down in the Pine Barrens. 

Enjoying the New Jersey outdoors and making good memories with a good friend.

That`s what it`s all about.
Till next time…..
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